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After a long day of killing bandits and squashing spiders, the Riverwood Heroes like to have a nice picnic with sweets and story telling~ Zora likes re-telling the story about the bandit killing cats and talking dog.

Ah, here’s another fan art segment. Most of this is stuff I should’ve posted previously, along with a few doodles I found on Tumblr. Like this one right here by Moki, which was posted after the last batch and missed the cutoff. Not that I mind posting more art . More like the opposite of mind. I would like nothing more than to post fan art every day, it would be like me died and gone to heaven.


This is a random doodle Numeriku posted on the forums of Rumarin. Rumarin is the undisputed king of fan art, although I think Anum-La and Zora are a close second. Still no love for Norgrof Oak-Heart.


Above, Erandur, Nalvyna (current skyrim char), and Rumarin (from Interesting NPCS mod) being ridiculous. I love these derps so much, they’re making my current Skyrim playthrough so much fun.

This one here is by popfly, and it made my sides rumble. I was kind of disappointed followers aren’t allowed inside the temple let alone Erandur’s peyote hallucination, but I managed to sneak in one line before the chicken squaring.

And just in case you haven’t had your fill of Rumarin art, here is some awesome work by sinokoi-sk from his Tumblr page. I have no idea how old this is either, but I just recently learned how to use the internet search function.


This last one requires some setting up, it’s an oldie but goodie the wonderful and talented Kayla Marquez posted waaaaay back in regards to the following line.

EXCUSE ME! Ur supposed to kick people’s butts and drop random parables and shit, not be an adorable dork. Sheesh! 

Qadojo by Kayla Marquez

Yeah, Qa’Dojo has his quirks. He has a weak spot for fish, he loves making snowcats, and his entire philosophy can be attributed to a head injury. Not your typical wise monk. Buuuut I suppose that’s the point of calling them three-dimensional NPCs.


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Any day now.

There was something wrong about the way the words rolled off her tongue. They were pointy, bold, and crooked, but that was nothing new. What was new was the fact that Veralene noticed, that she was somewhat self-aware – as if she saw herself through a window and caught of glimpse of her own foolishness.

Normally the Breton had no problem being honest, but not with herself. You might say her mind was so narrow it could hide behind a straw. This was life providing another angle, turning her head ever so slightly to show her the crook of her nose. Yet not even that could sway her belief that her situation was temporary. All she had to do was place the amulet around her neck, and a horde of handsome barons would walk into the Skeever and fight to the death for the honor of making her rich. You’ll see, she’d say. Any day now.

In contrast, Fironet always knew. Every night a chorus of bards would amble in and out of the tavern, like a flock of noble seraphs on their way to the heavens. Jarls and Thanes had titles, but they seldom had presence. Bards were different. What good is owning a piece of land if you were born with wings? And she always believed her back was bare.

For her, those three words meant something else entirely. Any day now, she’ll have to say goodbye to Solitude. And every day after, she’ll find it hard to sing – because the memories of her failure will be stuck to every chord. Veralene worries her day will never come. Fironet prays to the Nine that she’s right.


Here’s some fan art 324b21 posted over on the forums. I believe that’s Rumarin and Anum-La, with the Dragonborn being the Orc. Not sure who the bard is in the back, although watching him cradle his lute is hilarious (as others have pointed out, it turns out it’s Fjona, and this is the Sleeping Giant quest – I think I’m turning senile).

Actually this really happened in game, I did the quest with my low level, master difficulty character (when I play I prefer not to change the difficulty for immersion) and then just as we triggered the giant, everybody started running away. I think it’s due to a glitch or something (I still kinda blame Rumarin tho, lol), but it was funny as hell.

That, Rumarin would say, is just the body taking over. It’s not like he wanted to disobey you, really. Although if our bodies do have a mind of their own,  leave it to Rumarin’s to be the practical one.

For fans of Alassea, here’s Ronja Monto with a video version of her eponymous song. In it you’ll find her flute playing, harp strumming, wind basking and hair brushing like a boss.

I’ve had this in the works for some time, but between pollen allergies and broken headphones and bloated bellies it’s had to take the backseat.

I tried to make a pretty video, but it ended up looking like one of those ultra-cheesy 80′s ballad videos. It was even worse when the light was golden, like right out of “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Hopefully the song is okay though. Ergh.

What, 80′s ballads are the best. By failing to age gracefully, they’ve managed to somehow age well. The 1980′s have. Memes, not so much.

On a side note, there was a lot of site downtime today, but not my fault, at least not directly. I did choose the hosting service, however, and I can be blamed for that. Evidently going with the shittiest company on the planet has its downsides. This is what I get for being lazy and trusting WordPress’ recommendation. Never again.



Okay, that’s enough administrative nonsense for one lifetime. It’s time to christen this new website with some fan art. Found this splash of goodness on Tumblr, courtesy of Moki.

Drew my Half elf (YgNord) in Skyrim, and a few of my favorite NPCs from 3DNPC ahhhh ; Q; I tried really hard on Anum-La but she came out reaally poopie OTL I’m so sorry.

There’s nothing to be sorry about really. I love these alternative art styles, it’s like I’m really playing Final Fantasy Tactics, lining Anum-La and Zora on adjacent tiles and keeping Rumarin and Amalee as support. That horde of pesky goblins doesn’t stand a chance.


Zora’s so cute ahhhhh I only met her by chance when travelling around Riverwood that I wandered into Brittleshin Pass, she scared me when I walked near the cage since I had RLO and could not see well in caves.

If only I could see the world the way Moki draws it, life would be a much softer and more comfy place.


I’m still in the process of editing the site, and the first thing I’ve decided to change is the width of the posts. This is something I’ve been considering since the alpha because of how narrow the forums are. The problem is the old theme had a fixed size of 545px. Every picture, video, and the like was assigned this specific width, which would be fine if the text and tables were fixed also.

Basically what this means is that I’m going to have to go to every single post and remove the “545″ width and “310″ height tags, as well as go to every youtube video and embed them with a specific width of 670 x 376 (just adding the link doesn’t seem to make them full size). Still it’s worth it not to have narrow-ass forums.

Authors and Subscribers
Originally, the plan was to turn all subscribers into authors. Unfortunately, about half an hour after this was posted, one of the bot subscribers, “TatianaDallas” posted some article about maggots. Just bizarre.

I’m going to have to leave people as subscribers until I can confirm with absolute certainty that you’re human. Then I’ll give you the keys to kingdom. Trolls and vandals are fine and just part of the deal, but robots I cannot abide.

Casting Call
I decided the best place to put the new scripts are up in the corner as opposed to the left sidebar. It was getting a little too cluttered on the left and the right sidebar is awful for anything save media. You’ll notice there’s open roles, long term roles, as well as an option to create user scripts of your own and collaborate.

The last thing I’ve been testing is the new advertising. I decided to stick with the same placement to try and get an apples to apples comparison. Of course, with WordAds, not only do you get paid per impression, there’s some entertaining commercials and the host itself is free.

While it’s apparent that Google Adsense has a wider variety of ads, and some even gaming related, there aren’t as many videos and the revenue appears to be dependent on clicks. It seems this website will be much more expensive when you account for both cost and revenue.

Au revoir, sweet, sweet cash, I hardly knew ye. Still, if the choice is between some extra beer money for me and a better experience for the mod users, then I’ll take the latter every time. In the meantime, I’ll still be running the Google Ads in an attempt to break even. Hopefully they’re not completely hopeless.

You hear me Google, step it up you dorks.


Here is version 3.05.4, the fourth of ten weekly updates until a full Nexus release. Similar to last week, I spent most of my time working on things outside of the mod. In particular, this website.

One thing I wanted to do was stress test this motherfucker. But judging by the speeds I’ve gotten so far, I decided it was best to purchase a more expensive plan. And while we won’t have that sweet, sweet WordAds money, GoogleAds should be enough to fit the monthly server costs, I hope. Right now it’s just showing a stupid tan box at the bottom. Stop that, Google.

3DNPC v3.05.4 (91MB Zip Download) – REQUIRES v3.05 INSTALLED

New NPCs
• Mithril (Ronja Monto)

Re-Recorded NPCs
• Jerulith (Jessica Osborne)
• Carmella (Katie Votapka)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.05
• Increased difficulty by adding reanimated corpses and healing mechanic to Forgotten Lore
• Provided option to turn in Talos worshipers for Immortal Coil
• Fenced In – Morndas asks to meet fence but script referenced wrong quest.
• Immortal Coil – Added wandering, potentially hostile Thalmor patrol in Markarth for first phase of the quest and objective to ensure PC talks to Froa upon retrieving the soul gems. Also added objective to return to Widow’s Watch.
• Froa’s 100+ Post-Quest audio files were not included in 3.05
• Hagravi missing marriage lines added
• Dropped HP of Darkened Steel NPC and added failsafe script to ensure proper outcome
• Ylgyne dismissal was incorrectly conditioned to Meresine being in your group as opposed to Ylgyne
• Removed instances of double voices for Larkspur, Duraz, and Yushari
• S’vashni’s minimum level raised to 20


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