3DNPC v2.43

2013-04-10_00012Alright this will be a weekly update thing. Every Monday I will drop an update, and every month or so a full release along with the update. This one is about 75MB. The facegen files compress rather well, even without them the audio files alone would be about 63MB, so future updates will be in the 40 to 75MB range depending on the amount of audio that is included.

These are torrent files packed in zips. This may seem asinine, but there’s a reason beyond me being an ass. This is because WordPress doesn’t accept torrent or 7zip file types, and zip compression is horrible for a file this large.

Download 3DNPC v2.43 – Main
Download 3DNPC v2.43 – FMC

• Morndas – Approx. 200 lines

• Birds of a Feather

Bug Fixes:
• Beast Who Cannot Be Slain – Scene not playing when Falatild, Frenna or Signus not recruited
• The Teleportation Machine – Fixed Autosaving glitch in Alftand Hidden Chamber
• Volume tweaks – Griffith and Morrigan

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