3DNPC v2.43.2


I have finished the first half of the next questline, Darkened Steel. I probably won’t release it until it’s fully voiced and bug tested, which will likely be the protocol for quests going forward, simply because we are so close to getting a fully voiced mod.

However, if you want to test the first 3 quests of the new questline, you can do so through the console via “Setstage 3DMCue 5” then reading the journal at Orphan’s Tear. Note that some aspects won’t work properly if you haven’t visited Solitude or Markarth previously or killed Nimhe the Spider.

NOTE: These links are for the smaller updates. For the full torrent file, see the sidebar.

Download 3DNPC v2.43.2 – Main
Download 3DNPC v2.43.2 – FMC

New Voices
• Valla – Shannon Woodrow
• K’avald – Zaf

Bug Fixes from 2.43.1:
• Brother and Keeper – Fixed repeated Griffith line
• Stopped Idle Follower Commentary from triggering if not in follower faction
• Mogo’s Mead – Disabled PC movement during penultimate scene to keep from breaking quest, accounted for death of partygoers

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