3DNPC v2.43.3 Beta


Here is a small update – well, relatively small(Thank you Einstein for inventing relativeness) – to fix that fire rune bug and tweak some things. Pit Dogs is now pretty much voiced, minus a few re-takes. A lot of the audio is for the new quests, which won’t be activated until they are fully voiced and tested, hence the 135MB size.

For example, you may notice an NPC named Amicus in the Bunkhouse in Riften, he is from this mod. His dialogue is not enabled as he is for a quest that is not fully voiced. I also decreased the difficulty for A Children Fair, as it seemed the whole thing was a bit of an overkill.

Voiced Only users can just copy the sound files and put them into the proper folder.

Download 3DNPC v2.43.3 Beta  – Main
Download 3DNPC v2.43.3 Beta – FMC

Newly Voiced Quests
• Pit Dogs (99% – Missing 3 re-takes for Gorr)

New Voices
• Ralothi – FedoraAndRapier
• Spirit Wolf – FedoraAndRapier
• Yarbrough – Barrett Leddy
• J’Sharr – Corey Hall
• Additional Super Follower Dialogue

Changes and Bug Fixes from 2.43.2:
• Removed invisible fire runes in Saarthal and Winterhold Frozen Hearth
• Fixed Joselyn’s firestorm to trigger correctly with minimal damage, reduced number of flame atronachs from 15 to 8

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