Trailers and Teasers – Fallout 4 Companion

megatonbarHere’s another teaser for Vincent, my Fallout 4 companion. Damien’s recorded about 220 lines in total, and this is just the random hellos and idles, so it’s safe to say that in 2 years or so this motherfucker is going to have a ton of unique shit to say.

Of course, some of it will have to be scrapped depending on the setting. For instance, references to how hot it is would be worthless if the game is set in some nuclear winter. I also don’t know how good a feel I have for the universe right now, but it is fun to drop an F-bomb or two after modding Skyrim for almost two years.

What I’m looking for I guess is a texture person to give Vincent a unique outfit. I want to make a demo of him as a playable character in Skyrim, but he seems too out of place if he doesn’t have modern clothes and an array of guns. After all, you can toss Spider-Man into Skyrim and it still kind of works, but you couldn’t put a generic Nord in Skyrim, give him Spider-Man’s voice, and expect people to feel like they’re traveling with the web-slinger.

In other mod news, TheDarkPrince alerted me to the existence of the following mod, Evermoor Island by aplestormy, with the idea I could help his team populate it with NPCs and quests. I might take a spin around the island later this week, just for the hell of it. I’ve always wanted my own island to populate with lunar landers and hookers and blackjack.

Eh, or I could just say screw the whole thing. We’ll see.

16 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Fallout 4 Companion”

  1. I’m looking forward to Fallout 4: The Brain Bugs of MIT. This new Boston setting will be quite different with the dead foliage, the radioactive water and the ghouls who talk with a soft “r”.

    So will you add a Fallout 4 character to INCPs?

    1. Meh, “vulgar” language just doesn’t appeal to me. 90% of the time the words themselves are either unbearably stupid to use when you look into their literal definitions and/or origins (not what our lovely modern culture has twisted them into) or are just plain used in a grammatically incorrect context.

      I struggle to understand why some people keep threatening to kick my “donkey” and others try to tell me to kiss theirs when I know for a fact that neither of us have a donkey, and I still can’t wrap my head around why my roommate was apparently convinced when the lock wasn’t working right that the door to our dorm has sex with moms.

      Needless to say, I don’t exactly take people as seriously as they apparently think they are when there’s an “F-bomb” in every sentence. And people say I’M weird…

      Well, I guess if it gets people to gasp or feel like “big boys” just because a simple four-letter word is used, whatever. I myself find other, more logically emphatic ways to insult someone when I write things for more “mature” audiences.


      1. F-Bombing every sentence does get old quick. BUT – an F-Bomb here and there does make it more realistic to be honest. They very fact you say everyone around you swears, means realistically there will be people who swear. Of course, there will likely be others who don’t in the game universe, like you.

        To me, words are just words. It is the emotion behind it that matters. That being said, if all the person knows is cursing because he/she thinks they’re awesome, it just shows their low intelligence. As far as writing for an authentic world in a dark setting like Fallout, you can guarantee you’d be hearing that kind of language.

        Now, does that mean I think people should just be going around saying whatever they want, no. There should be a line of respect for those around you if they don’t like the language. But Fallout is appropriately rated for a mature audience, so going into that world hearing it is to be expected. You can’t except philosophical or Shakespearean style of writing in that universe for every character, because THAT would be unrealistic.

        All that being said I respect your opinion, but hope you will find enjoyment in this mod’s Fallout future.


      2. Oh, yes, certainly, I won’t lie, I have written several characters who clearly don’t share my opinion on the subject, if you catch my meaning, all for the sake of making a realistic example of people of that perception.

        I just usually make sure they’re grammatically correct when they ARE used. Unless it’s supposed to represent someone who’s not intelectual in the grammar department, blah blah, etc, you get the idea. =P

  2. The latest rumors I read say it actually will be nuclear winter! Though that can make an excellent setting for the next Fallout, that’s bad news for your dialogue if true :(

  3. I admit I haven’t kept up with Fallout 4 new -at all- BUT I can’t help wondering, how can you be modding for this game already when it’s not even out yet? Is the same creation kit used as for previous Fallouts?

  4. I’d be happy to provide Vincent with an entire new mashup outfit, as armour modding is one of the things I’m working on (and F4 is the only game my whole gaming existence exists for, lol). Unless someone’s already volunteered, of course.

    1. awesome, do you also know your way around G.E.C.K.? I’m sure it’s pretty much the same shit, but I was thinking of possible releasing him into Fallout NV or 3 just as a demo, but I’m too busy to learn it.

      the outfit will likely require waiting for FO4 just to see what environment it is, the only real requirement is he wears glasses.

  5. Very much at home in both and you’re right, the really overt differences between CK and GECK are the scripting language and the way body meshes are structured (no meatcaps in Skyrim, for e.g.). Other stuff too possibly but those are what spring to mind straightaway. I have a smattering of experience in a no. of stuff though meshes are my first love and priority.

    I don’t think you’ll find transitioning to GECK’s scripting process difficult at all. Logic flow is similar and so’s the general syntax/whatchamacallit. You’ll probably miss the alias system and love how simple forcegreet is in Fallout3/NV. And unlike CK, you NEED to have something, anything with a jack, plugged into your mic port to even type in dialogue. At least, that’s how it was for me.

    Yes, lol, a bit early speculating about a game that’s yet to be officially announced. But!! thrilled to bits to know you’ll be modding for F4 too. Great news.

  6. The character sounds like he is in his mid-forties. He also sounds a lot like little Finger (Aidan Gillen) so I am voting you give him a nice moustache / goatee and gray hair. See you in Fallout 4, Vincent ;)

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