Fan Art – Valgus by ElegantArtist21

by_moonlight_by_elegantartist21-d6xf3h5Here is some fan art by ElegantArtist21, and it’s a lot to take in. It’s Valgus and her Lunari Elf character, Moon, on some starlit pasture flanked in dreamy purple. That’s a good word to describe the things in this painting. Dreamy.

In case you didn’t know, Valgus is quite a popular character with the ladies, and while I’d like to think it’s on account of the writing, let’s face it, it’s really the voice. Aranas could be reading a phone book and there would be murals painted in his honor. This one’s very pretty.

ElegantArtist21’s Deviant Art Page


11 thoughts on “Fan Art – Valgus by ElegantArtist21”

  1. OH my gosh!!!! Thank you so much for putting the painting up on your site!!!! I’m so excited you like it!!! I love the description you put too! LOVELY! Thank you so much!

    1. Like I told Kris, I’d be nothing if it weren’t for people who love my characters. If no one wants to hear me, there is no point to doing it. I love and appretiate everyone who enjoys and admires my characters. Your art is absolutely astounding, and I think Valgus loves it just as much as I do..

      1. Thank you Aranas!!! I just got tears of joy thank you for loving my painting. It means alot! Please keep voice acting you are such a talented person. You inspired me to audition for Carmella and get into voice acting, I’ll never be as good as you. lol But its so great to be able to express how amazing of a person you are and we can both just thank Kris for his amazing dedication to this mod and how its opened up this opportunity to explore new things and new talents. So Aranas keep me posted on your future endeavors I am looking forward to hearing more voice acting from you.

        1. @Aranas
          Fixed the link, yeah on the blog you gotta use

          [a href=”http://URLNAME”] and close with [/a]

          BUT the brackets you use are the less than/greater than signs as opposed to [ ]. If I put them in the example above they’d link you to URLName

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