Notes and Stuff


Here’s some news, notes, and other things I want to mention while I have the chance:

Maligree is the latest wiki editor to join the ranks, but unlike all the previous folks I’ve brought on, she’s managed to finish a quest page, which you can view here. In contrast to the lazily written pages I put together, she’s added detailed summaries, nice screenies, and even filled out the tables. To put it in perspective, not even the legendary Blauwvis, who did maybe fifty or so character pages, dared try her hand at this overwhelmingly exhaustive task.

In short, Maligree is a true hero of our times and anyone who says otherwise is dead to me.

The second thing I want to address is the ongoing overhaul of old NPCs. Often times, when I approach actors about refurbishing their lines, they aren’t having it, and I completely understand why. Given how expansive the dialogue is, it can be a lot of extra work for little to no gratitude. That’s why I’m thankful to those who are willing to do it. Lila Paws has not only be working hard on Anum-La, but also found time to re-take Morviah. The difference I think is staggering, and should really help this NPC shine. Take a listen to Morviah before and after:

Lastly, I want to once again thank those who have donated their hard earned money as well as those who have removed AdBlock to help support the mod. After all, I like money. It is a relationship I think is going places. But in all seriousness, the extra bit of scratch does help pay for upkeep as well as better resources for actors, composers, and the like. I think outside of that bathtub vodka experiment, for the most part I’ve spent the money in ways that will improve the overall experience for you.


2 thoughts on “Notes and Stuff”

  1. That’s a great performance, in my opinion! I think that the actor probably didn’t know what an amulet of Mara was because that line doesn’t sound elated like it should. My only criticisms would be for the dialogue. I would replace with “He sounds handsome.” to “Was he handsome?”. The NPC had not described the man yet, plus I think it’s better not to put words in the player’s mouth. I would replace “the hand of a flower thief…” with “Did he steal the flower?” This segues in much better with the next line.

    1. Player dialogue is easy enough to change. I agree on the “Was he handsome?” given she hasn’t described him yet. The other line is funnier as is because it’s so absurd, but I can try it make it segue better

      As for her reaction, she should sound depressed, knowing the outcome. He’s wearing the Amulet to propose to someone else.

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