Trailers and Teasers – Azzarian

Azzarian is for a new miscellaneous quest that will be released on Monday along with version 3.04.4. This is Glen Michael Cooper’s first role for the mod, but his brother Ryan has done various roles previously, so if you recognize the timbre of his voice, that’s why. Same make, different model.

12 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Azzarian”

    1. Ha, as much as I would like to encourage more hero worship, I chose them at random.

      I try to keep my actual sports, political, and other affiliations out of the conversation in case somebody hates what I like.

  1. Have you ever thought of introducing town guards and road patrols of your own? Ones that could chatter :

    “Greywater Grotto’s a den of wolves, but last night on patrol I heard… singing.”
    “A hooded lizard asked me for the way to Boulderfall Cave. Better steer clear of them necromancers, I told him.”
    “There’s a Khajiit who’s been cutting down Thalmor near Peakshade. Good riddance.”
    “Seen a college mage snoop about Yorgrim’s Overlook this morning. Fool better pray he doesn’t wake up something he can’t handle.”

    All followed by the glorious “Your map has been updated” screen corner message. That way, you don’t need inkeeper notes or misc quests. Plus, that would make for a change to the endless arrows + knees references.

    1. Well, the guards are auto-spawned I think, and they all have vanilla voices. They aren’t unique NPCs you can give dialogue, the dialogue is conditioned by faction – either the guardfaction or the city guard faction – give them a new line, and they all get it.

      The innkeeper notes are pretty much the same thing in paper form. I could have a one-time NPC spawn like I did in Solitude, but getting it voiced and everything is too much of a hassle when the notes suffice. The reason I did it with the Paper Mirror was because no innkeeper note is going to point you to a book. It had to be a person or else it wouldn’t work.

    1. Would you prefer it say Na-na-na-na-na instead? I don’t know how to disable subtitles for instrumentals.

      In any case, clearly a game-breaking bug. Uninstallation and a coronary bypass would be the best course of action at this point.

      1. OK, I thought that maybe it was a fixable bug. The other thing that annoys me is how my follower keeps repeating the same lines way too often. Any way to turn this off?

        And btw, nice voice acting in this video. This is really professional.

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