Trailers and Teasers – Carmella Redux

You may remember Katie Votapka from the Valgus mural she painted a few months ago, but she’s also a talented voice actress as well. I’ve been wanting to redo Carmella for a while, particularly the part where she implies you do quests that don’t exist. The old lines needed to be cleaned up, and with the original actor no longer doing voice work, Katie stepped in and really gave her the sort of dark, sultry feel that was lacking previously.

Subtle changes like asking How does this make you feel as opposed to What does it mean to you? make the dialogue more emotive, and Katie’s delivery really sets the mood.

19 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Carmella Redux”

  1. So do the hinted at quests now exist? I hope so. A crossover interaction between Carmella and that lady face changer on the way to Markarth (Ysidra?) would seem a natural.

    1. No, they were basically fetch quests so I trashed the lines altogether.

      I am considering a quest involving another NPC, or even making her a follower, given how motivated Katie is, which is really one of the underrated aspects of choosing actors. Not that Jez wasn’t great, but sometimes the more experienced ones tend to be busy or less passionate about the project in general. One thing Katie doesn’t lack is energy.

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