Notes, Stuff, and Covers


Although the mod will always be the key and cornerstone of this site, I do feel obliged to give you words to read and music to listen to and videos to watch. So as we approach the two year anniversary of the mod, here is another state of the union post that will do a little of all three.

Here is Merrigan‘s cover of Arisen1‘s Tears of the Hist. I like to imagine her playing this with a flute in her mouth, a harp in one hand and a drum in the other, all while her feet play the triangle. Although science has allowed people to play the parts separately, I find human cloning to be a sketchy practice so I’m going to assume Merrigan played them all at once and sang the harmonies using a less controversial method like time travel.

This is an art project video made by Viridiane and friends called Sinhail’s Endgame. It features a bunch of dreamboat male voices including our very own Aranas. Vi has been hard at work on this and other school projects, but worry not, Zora fans, she’ll get back to it soon enough.

Lastly, the following is pretty much why Alphena will never get finished. This is another demonstration of the difference between the vanilla content and the content after integration. This took me 3-4 hours to finish, and it’s not even new content per se, it’s just for immersion. The other difficulty was trying to make sure the vanilla quest functioned properly when Alphena was dismissed, so in essence everything had to be done twice. In other words, ETA for finishing would be sometime in the year 2088.

4 thoughts on “Notes, Stuff, and Covers”

  1. Awwwwww look at the adowable husky *______*

    This post was quite a treat to read/listen/watch and argh, stop torturing us with Solstheim clips, lol! It’s unbridled sadism, is what it is.

  2. Ok, I get it. Alphena will never be done in this century because of how complex the concept is, and Alphena’s existence makes you not want to play Dragonborn, thus removing motivation for a Solstheim 3DNPCs expansion.

    Sadface. I’ll see you in 2088 =P

    1. Ha, technically she doesn’t make me not want to play Dragonborn, but her existence just makes it so that playing it causes me to constantly stop and spend 3 hours in the CK every time I meet an NPC.

      I mean, Skyrim dialogue is so perfect for this kind of integration. All the dialogue is pretty much on rails, so why not have another person help ask the questions? It really gives you the feeling like you’re on this adventure together. But alas, there are only so many hours in a day.

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