Happy Valentine’s Day

2014-02-14_00012It’s a common notion that Valentine’s Day is a corporate-driven cash grab. For starters, you don’t get a day off, which already regulates it to the weaker tier of holiday celebrations, right up(down?) there with Columbus Day, April Fool’s, and Chinese New Year.

However, for those of us who are lousy spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, or in my case, bloggers, we need a Valentine’s Day. We need someone to force us to do something because fuck if we’re going to find the motivation to do it ourselves. That’s what Valentine’s Day is for me.

It’s a reason to make a blog post.

While the most romantic quest in the mod is To Warm Sands, there is plenty of love and heartbreak to be found, from Morviah’s tragic affair with a Nord soldier to Vigram’s romance with his horse. The player too can write their own love story, as the mod offers an ever-growing number of men, women, and zombies to wed.

However, there are some possible missed connections as well. Maybe you think two NPCs are perfect for each other. Or perhaps you think an NPC is perfect for you. If you’d like to ship a pair of NPCs together, make it known. Who knows, maybe I’ll make it happen.

14 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. Vigram and his horse are my OTP.
    I can’t approve of Shelur and Rongeir, though I how they are included. Makes the experience all the more real.

    It would be great if you could include a same-sex pairing, since vanilla Skyrim has a few interracial couples already (like that Altmer woman/ human man farmer couple in the Pale), and Interesting NPC’s adds a couple more. I was excited for freedom of marriage between genders in the game, but there is a conspicuous absence of it in the game. They don’t have to be major or have a ton of lines. Just the presence of a married or living together couple would be nice, female or male. Jasper might finally hook up with his Orc muse, though I’d imagine that’d cause a couple of hearts to break who were hoping he’d become marriageable. Viranya might totally have it for a cured Rinori. Or new NPC’s to fill the niche, whatever is easiest. Same-sex couples are rare in the real world, but at least they exist. It feels like there are none at all from Hammerfell to Skyrim to Morrowind to Cyrodiil…

    That being said, BE MY VALENTINE. ahem, maybe not, but Happy Valentine’s Day anyways! It’s an excuse to make blog posts and play Skyrim while drinking. Time to do a replay of To Warm Sands.

    1. Vanilla’s “freedom of marriage” was nothing more than extreme lazyness on Bethesda’s part. Thank god there’s an absense of this crap.

  2. I really enjoy the number of couples the mod introduces, happy and otherwise. It seems like a little too often in vanilla Skyrim I happen upon various “to be” couples that never get together after the quest is over, or set married couples that never really interact or mention one another beyond some offhand and easily missed comment.
    That having been said, I like to think a little that perhaps Gorr and Zora hook up if the Dragonborn is a girl or not interested in her. I realize it’s not incredibly likely, but he does seem at least protective of her and the way he says Diamond of Riverwood was honest. (Zora is still adorable and I get irrationally angry when she says otherwise.)
    Bar that I’m a little disappointed Erevan isn’t a romance option after you get him out of his funk, although I can see why that wouldn’t really work. “No longer horribly mistreating himself and wallowing in filth” isn’t really the same as “healed”.
    And while I celebrate Vigram finding happiness however he does so, he doesn’t need to tell me so much about the horse. I can imagine my favored followers (I enjoy the snarky ones) laughing at me as I try to find a polite way out of the conversation.

        1. Erevan, Vardath, Brynjolf (I know he’s a Vanilla NPC but I’m still hurt about that one), the list goes on! \(-_-)/

        2. Erevan is just… argh. Too much.
          Still, he’s very chaste. Romancing him would be like romancing Sebastian from Dragon Age II. He’s not an easy lay like Jolene or Rumarin (quote: Males, females, beasts, goats, the list goes on and on…), and any romance is really just a bromance. I’m glad he never showed up for any of my character weddings because I’d be too busy winking at him to pay attention to the unlucky bride/groom.
          And I really ship Zora/Gorr. (hehe, Gorra, thanks for the title, Fakira).

        3. Erevan could certainly use an expansion. He is chaste though but perhaps there could be some dialogue options that would at least add some sexual tension between him and the PC. Maybe a psuedo romance, like Samara in ME3, that will never quite go all the way may be in order here.

          Also the fact that you can only have one 3dnpc companion at any time (most of the time at least) is a limiting factor. if I could only get him and Rumarin in my party at the same time, the banter would be epic and very witty. Maybe a new quest could involve both him and Rumarin?

  3. Today’s as good a day as any to point out I had a massive crush on Vardath from the moment I met him and had been hoping he was a marriage candidate, even though my lovely Breton mage is already wed.

    Now pardon me while I go and spend my Valentine’s Day in Skyrim. With this mod. Because that’s true love right there.

  4. Here’s an idea for ya. If you give one of the followers an Amuet of Mara, and while they have it equiped, (and are stilll single, no bigomy please, houses are too small now), you enter into a conversation with another unmarried NPC, there is a random chance the two will decide to tie the not (based on sexual preferences as well). This could be done as a radient style quest, in which the Player (as best man or brides maid) would be required to help fashion a dress, suitable suit, ring, maybe throw a send off party, etc. Try to keep it Skyrim flavored of course, but you get the idea.

  5. I certainly wouldn’t mind Meresine being romance-able. We sort of got shafted in Dragonborn when they didn’t add any new Dunmeri spouses despite adding an entire settlement of them in Raven Rock.

    So I’m nostalgic for Morrowind, sue me!

  6. Well, since you’re asking….

    I don’t know, I always shipped Gorr and Zora, (Gorra anyone?), but that just seems impractical. Also, their relationship seems totes platonic.

    Also, Vardath. Just-wow. I can’t. I wish he was marriageable.

    And I was kind of hoping Erevan might find a nice little lady/fella, and then I even thought he might be with Hiram, but he left, so…

    Also, this is an odd request but would it be possible if you can make a sort of courtship quest? To Warm Sands was lovely, but I was picturing a quest that would allow you to let two NPCs get to know each other really well, and you’re sort of in the middle, watching as their relationship progresses. Boring idea, I know, but I just thought.

    Also, also, thank-you so much for this mod and all of the wonderful characters, stories and adventures. I can’t imagine how my Skyrim experience would be without it. Probably choosing different execution styles for Nazeem and Heimskr. Or Fus-Ro-Dah-ing Lydia’s pesky ass over the Throat of the World. *Shudders*.


  7. Well, since you asked, I beg you to add Glathriel as a marriageable NPC. In the entirety of Skyrim there is no female Bosmer to spend my time with. Perhaps after retrieving her bow in Glathriel’s Bow it would be possible to marry her? Even more amazing of a questline would be if, after making her a follower and/or wife, the player was able to help Glathriel find her mother and play through that quest of adventure and bonding.

    Of course, I could just find a mod with a female bosmer that is both a follower and marriageable but I have a loyalty to this one in specific. Besides, Glathriel has a sense of innocence that is going through a trial of discovering her Bosmeric roots. It fits well with my character lore when I play so she would be a great match.

    Your loyal, nontraditional Bosmer,
    Praetorius Clear-Sight.

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