Fan Art – Raynes by SN Yozh

raynes (723x1024) (5)Here is some awesome Raynes fan art by SN Yozh. I’ll let the artist explain this one:

Raynes was one of the first characters in a mod that I found myself fond of despite my best intentions. I hate references to torture, after all. There isn’t that much revealed about him, really (how much does one need to know?) but what is there is visceral and compelling. I liked the idea of drawing him engulfed by an overabundance of fur and claw armor, so here you go.

Here I go indeed. Now to go hunt some filthy lawbreakers.

• You can contact SN Yozh at

4 thoughts on “Fan Art – Raynes by SN Yozh”

  1. Filthy lawbreakers, indeed. I’d be scared to adopt Olette with Raynes running the house, for fear of what he’d say. He looks pretty scary here, with his stained bandage, and fierce countenance. His lips look bloody, too. Since he doesn’t get hurt, I’ll assume it’s something else… (Raynes eats bandits for breakfast… literally).

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