Trailers and Teasers – Eleanor

Eleanor was one of those early, goofy NPCs and for the most part she still is, but when re-working her dialogue I also decided to give her a slightly more adult voice. The original fit the character but not necessarily the world, if that makes sense, and Siren Mesa’s is more mage-y in general (not to mention studio quality). Eleanor will also now take orders when she’s at the inn, and provide a neater dialogue tree when you speak to her. She might not make it into 3.05 though, there’s still re-takes and things that need to be done, and so she may get chopped again.

7 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Eleanor”

    1. secret’s a work in progress. the objective completes on stage 20, as it’s a misc quest it should remove from your journal completely. can you check if you are on stage 20 of dialoguedrobar? or is it showing up as a major quest?

  1. Consoling “getstage dialoguedrobar” does indeed return 20.00 after pointing out the coin’s in his pocket, and it is indeed a misc quest. However, it doesn’t complete. It is now the third time I try it.

  2. I just met Dagri’lon. I know you mentioned changing his voice recently. You forgot two clips, namely the one where he asks why he should follow you and the one where he tells you to ditch your current follower before he will join you.

    Which brings me to my second observation : these two clips, they sounded much better than the rest of the conversation. If this is the old voice, I think you should go back to it. It felt viscerally right. The higher pitch lines sounded like Rumarin trying to sound sinister, which kind of kills the mood.

    1. thanks will fix.

      jay said the problem with the older pitch is you can’t understand what he’s saying. I personally don’t care either way. I think he sounds fine on either setting.

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