Fights, Friends, and Forsworn


I got a chance to play a little Skyrim today and continue this testing adventure. For those of you who are unaware, I recently switched followers from Meresine to Daenlyn, although I plan on adding dialogue to both, as well as the super followers and Froa, who I will be picking up at some point in the near future.

This visit took us high up to Hag Rock Redoubt, currently owned by the Forsworn Corporation. The building itself is a refurbished Nord ruin, which kind of punches a hole in the argument that the Reach is their property, but okay, I can dig it, I mean the Nords are living in a Dwarven city after all.


The Forsworn, however, are not opposed to leasing out their property to the right tenant. Unlike most Nords, this frostbite spider pays his rent on time and generally minds his own business. Sure he’s slobbering all over the place and those blood stains are going to be murder to remove, but he’s an affable fellow and good with children when he’s not eating them. He’s even joined the neighborhood watch. And when a couple of nasty adventurers show up, he doesn’t try to be a hero, he returns to his apartment and contacts the appropriate authorities.


As for Daenlyn, one of the first things I noticed about our new Bosmer companion is that a lot of his comments are meant to be said while walking around enjoying nature. His bright, merry insouciance isn’t well suited for battle-time, which isn’t an issue when inside an interior but not ideal when fighting outdoors.

Still, the real issue is he just doesn’t have enough location and combat specific idles, which is something that will be corrected in time, provided Matt sticks around. I wrote a few general Forsworn camp lines, as well as a few lines for the locations themselves. After watching her hop on this tent, I also wrote a line for Serana where she screams and beats her chest like a gorilla, but I’m not sure I can get Laura Bailey to voice them.


In any case, we built up a ton of sweat killing all those Forsworn, and by the time we reached the summit, Serana decided she needed a bath. The problem is she confused water with fire again, and ended up burning herself. Meanwhile, the goat she summoned took one look at her new master and decided it was best to kill himself now and save himself a world of pain.


Frankly, after traveling with Serana for a week, I’m tempted to dive into that fire myself. But alas I don’t have half the testicles this goat has.

Rest easy, little fella. Hopefully there are no Seranas where you’re going.


One thought on “Fights, Friends, and Forsworn”

  1. Dearie me. The shape of the fire in the first picture… brings a new meaning to “burning witches on the cross”. Which is odd, really, since Serena’s a vampire, not a witch. Unless she’s a gorilla. She revives the most useless creatures.

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