Posters, Passports, and Paris

Berg in Paris

UPDATE: On second thought, might toss one up now that I’ve gotten the rest of the audio. So the bottom paragraph no longer applies. Berg very pleased.

Just wanted to mention there won’t be an update tomorrow, for a couple of reasons. First, there’s really no major fixes required save for the Fenced In quest, which can be easily bypassed via the console. More importantly, a couple NPCs are sort of half-finished, including the re-working of one character in preparation for a quest. Given the involvement of this NPC in other thingamajigs, I want to wait until all the old stuff is voiced and functional first. Double voices make Berg sad.

An e-mailer asked if I would create another elongated questline similar to Blood of Kings. I don’t know if I’ll do anything to that extent, but there are some quests in the future that will string together multiple NPCs. Which is always a good thing, because then I have an excuse to add party banter, which everyone loves. Who hates party banter? Wallflowers, maybe.


One of the mod users, Cato, mentioned we should have a page for user screenshots somewhere on the blog, similar to Nexus. I think the best place for that would probably be on the wiki pages for the characters. It would be awesome if there were a way to click on the default image and pop up either a slideshow or something similar to Nexus where all the images are on one page. I suppose the first thing we’d need is a way for users to submit pictures other than sending me them manually. So get on that shit, WordPress.


Lastly, a final reminder for all those who were unaware, but the Bioware Dragon Age voice actor contest will be closing in…oh well, fuck. In two hours. So by the time you’re reading this, it’ll probably be over, but I bet those grapes were fucking sour tasting anyway. Good luck to all those who entered.


2 thoughts on “Posters, Passports, and Paris”

  1. That e-mailer is coincidentally the same person who has been spamming your comments section. The torture will never end. There is no escape!

    Unfortunate to hear no more questlines (for now, perhaps), but tying in NPCs is equally as rewarding. Figuring out everyone’s relationship and the relationship they desire with you, whether it be friendship or enemy-ship, always feels rewarding and it’s very connecting. And then I sit for a while wondering what to do because I’ve discovered such a great NPC but can only exchange so many dialogue options with them. :( Maybe I should try grinding with one of the followers for once, but then I suppose they’d take all my shots and I would go nowhere with my skills.

    Can I at least ask if Fjona and her familiar will get some sort of quest? It can’t end like this. :(

  2. A thumbnail style gallery on each character page could be quite fun i guess, fans of individual characters could browse to see other peoples adventures of that character.

    For your official screenshots (that represent / advertise the mod) perhaps you could have some kind of Gallery link in your top bar? It could even be an external link, as long as you controlled the end page. Obviously you don’t want anything time consuming to set-up, just something simple to mass display your characters.

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