3DNPC v3.05.1

Here is version 3.05.1, the first of ten weekly updates until a full Nexus release. This week we have a couple of audio overhauls, Jerulith and Carmella. Carmella (Katie Votapka) was previously re-recorded for v3.05, but I felt there was some voice consistency issues that we ironed out in this release. There’s still about a dozen lines that need to be re-taken, but we’re more or less ready to proceed with making a quest for her. Jerulith (Jessica Osborne) is pretty much done from the standpoint of base lines, and Jessica’s even done the first section of quest stuff too. You can also catch her voicing a character for Anna’s NPCs too. The woman is a machine.

The one new NPC I’ve added is Mithril (Ronja Monto). If you run into her, she’ll ask you to find something. This something exists in the world, but the person who owns it hasn’t recorded his lines. So bringing the two together will result in nothing happening. Nada. Hopefully something will happen in the future, but it won’t in this version. They’ll just stare at each other and blink. However, you can go through the preliminary lines, and get to know her a bit before the larger chunk of stuff gets implemented.

UPDATE: l decided to shut off Mithril’s dialogue. Originally, I left her in because I thought the base lines were done, but I remembered just now I changed the backstory. So removed because she’s not fully voiced. You can still find her, but she’s a mute.

3DNPC v3.05.1.1 (65MB Zip Download)

Silent NPCs
• Mithril (Ronja Monto)

Re-Recorded NPCs
Jerulith (Jessica Osborne)
• Carmella (Katie Votapka)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.04
• Fenced In – Morndas asks to meet fence but script referenced wrong quest.
• Immortal Coil – Added wandering, potentially hostile Thalmor patrol in Markarth for first phase of the quest and objective to ensure PC talks to Froa upon retrieving the soul gems. Also added objective to return to Widow’s Watch.

33 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.05.1”

      1. I’m on it! Pollen-allergies have been a complete bitch the last few days. I sound like a kazoo.
        I will try again today!

    1. The main update 3.05 is, the weekly interim updates are only available from this site AFAIK, so if you are referring to 3.05.1 then no, it’s not.

      1. Agh, unfortunate but understandable. I’ll probably just wait ’til 3.06, especially since some stuff is currently unfinished.

        1. Y’see, I am absolutely terrible with technology. Specifically computers.

          I’m afraid if I download the update from here and install the files manually, I’ll probably fuck something up. That’s normally what happens, anyway. It’s not a particularly big deal for me to wait for the full update anyway since I’ve finished both the quests that have been fixed here.

        2. You can download the update here to your documents, then fire up NMM and use ‘add mod’ to add the .zip to your NMM library. Select ‘No’ to upgrade when installing, then ‘Yes to All’ when asked about overwriting files.

          Just be sure to remain it something like 3DNPC Update 3.5.1 so you know what it is afterwards :-)

  1. The first time I met Jerulith I took an instant dislike to her and wanted to slay her. Then after a few mugs of ale and deeper conversation I felt more sympathetic towards her plight, until she stood by her genocidal convictions and then I wanted to kill her all over again. xD

    I will have to go for another chat with her with my new character now she’s been re-voiced. :-)

  2. Hello Kris! I’ve run into a little bit of trouble. All of a sudden your characters don’t have any of their facial tattoos or war paint, oh and their face is lighter than the rest of their bodies. Is there something going on with the update? Besides that, everything is flawless and I appreciate everything you (and your staff) have done for this mod. I can’t play skyrim on any other console because it feels alien. Btw, is there anything else I can help with? Like a FAQ link or something? Oh! and I ordered a mic so if there’s any female voices that are needed I hope this time I can help.


    1. sounds like you uninstalled the old meshes/textures when you installed the update. if you use NMM you have to do like Cato said and “no” to upgrade then “yes to all” when asked to overwrite.

      yeah, send a demo when your new mic comes in.

  3. Minor issues I have from 3.05 (pardon me if they’re fixed in 3.051):

    Hagravi Grey-Wave’s dialogue is messed up for me. He partially lacks voice acting, and partially says the wrong things.
    Some of Froa’s follower dialogue is also unvoiced.

      1. Some specifics with Froa:

        “May the snow melt under you feet”.
        “Take the fight to your enemies, friend. Break their bones, and break their will”.

        Can’t really say any specifics about Hagravi, didn’t take screenshots. Fellow is just.. messed up.

        1. Thanks. It looks like I didn’t include the last big file Jessica sent me. I’m actually surprised it took this long for anyone to mention it, as it contains 137 files.

          It can be downloaded here.


          Hagravi I found some minor stuff. A missing lip file, 6 or 7 missing marriage hellos, and a player question that was wrong.

          My guess is you’re missing the update that included his new voice. Does he sound like the guy in this video?

  4. I’m getting a lot of Papyrus script errors that look like this:

    [03/24/2014 – 09:03:51PM] warning: Property Alias_Door2 on script QF_Mzinchaleft3DNPC_2_032AC1DD attached to Mzinchaleft3DNPC_5 (392AD981) cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property

    Should I be worried, or can I ignore this? Sometimes I experience minor script lag (follower comments don’t trigger until about 5 seconds later) but I don’t know if it’s caused by 3dnpc.

    1. these are meaningless, but it’s funny they never fail to make people lose their shit.

      papyrus just likes to tell you when a property has been removed in case you didn’t meant to delete. I deleted them on purpose. They were copied over from another script I made, and don’t apply to the new one. I just need to re-compile at some point.

  5. Hey Kris,
    Let me start off by saying the Blood of Kings questline is top-notch. There times I forgot it was a mod. The writing is smart, the characters are spectacular, and the twist at the end is just…just… *MWAH*. The only hiccup I ran into at the very and is when I have to ask Zora to wrap up the party. When I click on her, she starts attacking me and guests! At first I thought it was part of the script and laughed my head off as she killed everyone, but then she started killing NPCs who weren’t at the party; so either Zora took a buttload of skooma and washed it down with all the spiced wine and decided to start her villain origin story or this was a glitch. Can you give me the setstage to just end the quest? I can’t move forward. Thank you so much for the BoK experience! ^_^

    1. normally these things are friendly fire related, and don’t show up until they leave the player follower faction, but i don’t think there’s anything related to that particular stage that would trigger her attacking.

      you can type “stopcombat” in the console, “setav aggression 0” or other tactics of this nature.

      failing that, stage 200 completes teh quest

  6. I’m having problems with the “out of menu” dialogues (like with Eldawyn when she starts talking about her company), after they say a few lines in the dialogue menu it closes, but they walk away and stop talking. When I initiate dialogue again they have their normal dialogue menu. It’s not that big of a deal, but makes uncovering the backstory hard. And is pretty annoying with Carmella not automatically coming back to the dialogue menu after presenting a hypothetical. Is there a way to fix it?

    1. I would need more specifics as to why they stop talking. Video would tell me right away, but I realize not everyone can do that.

      At the very least, I need to know the exact line where they stop talking or the story itself and whether this happens 100%, because this would imply either a faulty installation or me forgetting to include the sound files.

      A second thing would be someone occupying a seat I’m having them sit in, or lastly, some kind of combat that occurs that breaks the scene.

      1. The files are there, after a few tries they usually continue. For example after asking Eldawynn about the Khajit’s death she starts her usual “Ra’zahn was a scroll mage…” line, then goes out of dialogue. At first try she just walked away and started waving her tankard by the fire. At the second she continued to her next line and then stopped talking. Third try was the same as the first one, then fourth try she finished her dialogue on Ra’zhan sat in the seat and continued with the forced dialogue menu dialogue. Asking about the Nord was similar, first try nothing, second she walked to the fire, but continued talking while waving the tankard. Didn’t force the dialogue menu however. Third time went fine.
        Carmella presents the first hypothetical normally, but then after presenting the second one she doesn’t force the dialogue to answer (not sure if she should, however, this was the first time I ever met her). Talking to her again she presented another hypothetical, with menu and out of menu dialogue, but didn’t force the dialogue afterwards.
        Probably on an unrelated note, after an hour or so of normal gameplay, during Kodlak’s funeral in the companions questline Eorlund Gray-Mane went to his typical forced dialogue, but after leaving it he forced the dialogue twice more.
        Eldawynn’s tries were each made after quick-reload.

        1. Sounds to me like the vanilla bard playing is screwing up Eldawyn’s scene. I can add a forced sandbox package or add her to the bardaudienceexcludedfaction. I had similar issues often when building quests – during a scene someone would go off and wave their tankard and that led to the discovery of said faction.

          carmella doesn’t always force the dialogue, because some hypotheticals don’t end with secondary questions. this is to prevent a lag between the last two lines in the event you’re too far away to forcegreet. i figured it was no big deal to click on her again if you wanted to keep talking, but i can see where you can get confused not knowing if the scene bugged out.

        2. although i should make sure the hypos you’re talking aren’t supposed to end in forcegreets.

          1. The poison dart that gives you a shock of pain/pleasure when helping people.

          2. The one where she talks about food tasting great but looking/smelling awful.

          3. The enchanted tunic that raises your sexy time powers.

          The others should end in forcegreets.

        3. Alright, so Carmella’s dialogue is okay. That’s a relief C: Thanks for the help and keep up the good work.

  7. For future reference, is there a specific place to inquire about general gameplay issues with iNPC?

    For instance, I cannot get a married Anum-La to move to another house. Be it a Hearthfire house or otherwise. The option is there, she says “let me get my things,” but a week later and she’s still where I left her.

    Currently using 3.05.1, installed per “base first, HF patch second” standard.

    1. it doesn’t matter where on the blog you post as I’ll see it, but posting on the character page such as http://3dnpc.com/anum-la will let others find it easier if they are experiencing similar issues.

      The marriage system uses the vanilla quest. The same script used to move vanilla marriage aliases from house to house is tied to Anum-La’s dialogue. Thus the first thing I would check is to see if the mod script or the vanilla quest script is being tampered with or hasn’t been updated.

      Make sure you BSA is dated the same day as the ESP, and make sure there are no loose PEX scripts in your script folder like “RelationshipMarriageSpouseHouseScript.pex” or any other mod that has a copy of that file in their BSA that would fudge with that script.

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