Fan Art – Skjarn and Alassea by Foxmouse

skjarnHere is some fully colored fan art from Foxmouse aka Raquel Richardson. Not only that, but she also provided a little blurb for each character which is an awesome read and really gives insight into her inspiration for the work. Okay, I’ll shut up now and let her explain:

“My Dragonborn must have some form of Stockholm syndrome because she’s started justifying Skjarn’s incorrigible behavior. She doesn’t laugh at him anymore, she laughs with him. She rationalizes he’s just trying to be the best and the focus of everyone’s attention even though deep down he knows he isn’t. Considering his background it’s no real surprise. Does it warrant all the hate? Nah, the guy just wants to better himself. Sure his tactics are flawed, but he’s got an extreme ‘Don’t dream it, be it’ mentality. Frankly that’s a state of mind my Dragonborn can get behind. Screw what other people say or think. When Skjarn yells at the enemy: ‘You’re fighting me AND your urges, woman, you can’t win!’ the Dragonborn shouts ‘You tell ’em, sugar tits!’ Then shoots an arrow through their throat. And when it came time to kit him out I decided to put him in the Nordic Ranger Outfit light armor mod. He moaned about helmets hiding his wondrous face so my Dragonborn persuaded him by saying ‘Wear a hood. It adds mystery. Bitches love mystery.’

I cannot deny my own character’s inclining; Skjarn looks fantastic and extremely sexy in the armor. If he didn’t see it as some sort of conquest my Dragonborn would probably bed him, but it will never be; it would just hurt her heart to much to be treated like that. And yeah I know I’m probably over thinking this character. No matter the reasons anyone that’s got me quoting Rocky Horror Picture Show is a-okay by me. Also the mental image ( or would that be auditory hallucination?) of Giramor actually singing Don’t Dream It, Be It is stuck in my head. And it. Will not. LEAVE.”

alassea“I gotta say I really love just how feisty and witty Alassea is. My current Dragonborn actually didn’t travel much with females when I first started playing her. It took a lot of character development with the Companions to feel comfortable around female followers. When it came time to dabble in magic she spent all of her school time alone due to seeing the female mages as ‘too dainty,’ while trying to hide her own insecurities about being a ‘tom boy.’ When she met Alassea she was sure it’d be the same thing all over again, but was pleasantly surprised by how quickly she bogart her way into adventure. She’s got dirt under her nails and stains on her clothes and mud on her boots; color my Dragonborn impressed. In game, Alassea is wearing West Wind Combat Series – Misfit Mage which I think suits her well. It’s feminine while keeping some of Alassea’s scrappy personality. It’s also a clothing mod, rather then armor, so I had to alter her combat with AFT a bit to keep her alive and away from direct combat.

Oh, and did I mention my enjoyment of the puns? Oh my god, the puns! I never thought someone could be turned on by bad puns, but my Redguard is rocking some serious girl wood. If Alassea isn’t careful she just might do something drastic like bake her a cake.”

So there you have it. Nothing more needs to be said, which is great because it means less work for me. Check out more of Raquel’s art on the link below.

Raquel Richardson’s Deviant Art Page

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