News, Notes, and Hot Fixes


LoneWolf pointed out some of Froa’s follower lines were silent. In fact, somehow I seemed to have neglected to include about 137 lines for Froa in version 3.05. I suppose most players simply assumed she had nothing to say post-quest, when she actually had 137 things to say, although some of them are marriage related. Here’s a hotfix to make her say them. This is her complete audio, just drop in your data folder and overwrite as there may be some re-takes in here also.

I went in game to apologize to poor Froa and Jessica for making her a post-quest mute, and whatever possible harm this did to her potential marriage prospects. Unfortunately she didn’t take the news particularly well.

That horrible crunching noise is my skull being turned into putty.


3 thoughts on “News, Notes, and Hot Fixes”

  1. I’ve been carting Froa all around Solstheim for a while now and I’ve been hearing that crunching noise quite a lot – thankfully not from within my own skull ;)

    Thanks to this hotfix she turns out to be quite chatty really – and here I was thinking that she was just this taciturn Nord chick with a penchant for skull crunching and running barefoot through the daisies…

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