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A common question I get is when the mod will be finished. I have no idea. Perhaps if the earthquake that hit last night was twice the magnitude and swallowed me whole, that would certainly be the end of the mod. Instead, it was just a 5.1, not enough to cause major damage but enough to tweet out a series of crude adolescent jokes, such as:

1. Imply earthquake caused by sex
2. Imply earthquake caused by someone’s mother
3. Imply earthquake caused by sex with someone’s mother

All I know is that every time I feel like I’m done with modding, I get another idea in my head and then it’s another hit of the crack pipe. There should be a support group for people like me. You know, modders who like to exaggerate the effects of a relatively harmless hobby by likening it to doing drugs.

It’s not cool man, not fucking cool. But I can’t stop, it’s just like being addicted to heroin.



0X2SKUMYou may have noticed, but I’ve disabled advertisements on Youtube because I am worried about the influence of corporations on art and bwahahaha no in all seriousness they simply don’t make enough greenbacks to justify annoying people. We’re talking tens of dollars per month. Actually more like ten of dollars. As in ten dollars. There’s no point.

However, WordAds revenue has been surprisingly steady, and makes more than enough to cover all blog related expenses, including the office walrus. As such, advertisements will continue to be placed on every page, post, video and image posted to the blog, as well as handwritten on Zora’s scars and Vardath’s chest hair. In fact, if you play Mogo’s Mead backwards, it’s actually a jingle for peanut butter. Moreover, Tikrid’s shield will henceforth be known as the Tampaximum, for ultimate long-lasting protection.  AT LEAST IT CAN, for the right price. Corporations send your emails to

The additional revenue has allowed me to purchase a number of upgrades for the blog, from storage space – weekly updates would not be possible without the 10GB upgrade – to expanded file upload types (one example would be mp3 files which really help save on storage space as opposed to WAV) and hopefully other useful widgets and things that should enhance the overall experience. All in all I really appreciate all of you who have whitelisted this site in AdBlock, as the pennies accumulated help sustain the wiki, which is what you’re all here for anyway.

And now, a word from our sponsors:

10 thoughts on “News, Notes, and Advertisements”

  1. On the subject of wikis, I got insanely bored (emphasis on that) one night and started doing a thing.

    The link ought to be here if you don’t have any URL blocker extensions:

    It might not go anywhere, though. There’s no telling at what pace I’m going to be done swapping all the info over, let alone doing my own pages instead of what has so far amounted to just copypasta with some small editing. But given how much revenue your own readme page gets for your WP hosting, I’m wondering if (A) this is okay by you (as maybe a backup in case Bad Things™ occur) and (B) if maybe some folks would like to pitch in a little. If A is ‘no’ I’ll scrap it, no problem. If only B is ‘no’ then I’ll probably go at my own pace (incredibly slow).

    Only bringing it up in case somebody likes the idea of a full-fledged wiki. Further details are at the link.

    1. Honestly, I’d much rather you and folks who want to pitch in do so as editors here. The “revenue” is a laughable sum so it’s not entirely about that, although granted it would be annoying to have to pay out of my own pocket when it’s self-sustaining now.

      Another concern is the frequency with which I make edits and changes. For example, the other day I switched Zora from heavy to light armor, and fixed a bug where Ynvar had 11 swords. A separate wiki would never factor in these changes if you already copied the information over. The entire thing could quickly grow stale.

      So basically, if you want to help, that’s awesome, just send me an email and I’ll add you as an editor. There’s really no need to make a separate wiki especially when the content is copied from here.

      1. Well the copying is only initial. Eventually I’d keep tabs on the changes (esp. given that I regularly check the blog anyway) and reflect them as necessary. But I completely see your point.

        The thing is, it’s been a few years since I’ve actually used WP for any major project. I’ve usually resorted to collapsible text addons for larger multi-section pages (like FAQs, or more to the point, your Locations section). Are such addons allowed on your plan? Because that’d immensely help in organising the front index (which’d likely be my first project if permitted).

        I’ll shoot an email with some questions about editing here, though.

  2. An artist will never stop.

    Your effort pushes Skyrim into next level, way more immersion, way more depth.

    I call it a true multimedia artwrok.

    Just like those ancient giants in RPG history, or even better.

    These are my heartfelt words.

  3. Full disclosure:

    I don’t have a Twitter account. I’m a crumbum. But let’s just say “send by singing telegram” didn’t make sense so I decided to say “tweet” instead. People still tweet, right? Twit? Twat?

  4. Ah that earthquake. Caught me right in the middle of a MST3K marathon. Damn elder gods turning over in their sleep. What ‘chu got against the Satellite of Love, huh?!

  5. Hah, we felt the quake up in Huntington Beach (5.4 there), right at the end of a day full of sword-fighting classes. I thought a train had literally run -over- the building (which is on ground level).
    Oh, and I understand the addiction all too well Kris >.< But at least it's not -actually- heroin, ha.

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