News, Notes, and Fanposts


The folks at WordPress got back to me and it turns out you can put the gallery on a separate page as opposed to the sidebar. Clicking on the picture over there —> will take you to a fanshot page that will load all the user pictures, like the one above by Lesstimeless. RIght now I’ve only done a few of the Nexus pages, I’ll get to them all eventually. I also want to browse a few other places as I’m sure Nexus isn’t the only location where mod characters have been posted. If there are any sexy time photos, I can post them in a separate section, depending on user demand.

I’ve also begun the process of creating character specific galleries on their respective pages. For instance, if you click on the top photo of Amalee’s page here, it will take you to a tiled mosaic of all the user screenshots and fan art. If you click on a specific image it will load the carousel/slideshow where you can browse and place individual comments.

As for new submissions, you can put them either in the comments section on the Fanpost page or on Nexus and I’ll add them to the stack.

GIFs and Images in the Comment Section

For those who weren’t aware, you can also embed images into your comments using the following code:


The first URLNAME is where the picture will link to. The img src is the actual picture, and the width can be adjusted from there. Alternatively, if you don’t want the picture to link anywhere, you can just use the img src code I believe. The width is to shrink the picture so it fits. Or you can just post a link and I’ll make it an image. How? How else. Magic.

giphy (2)

Eventually I want the commenters to have the same tools the editors have – tiny little buttons that places the code in there for you, but at the moment the following will suffice if you’re like me and enjoy talking in GIFs.


3 thoughts on “News, Notes, and Fanposts”

  1. Love the new gallery style, it’s great to be able to scroll through everything. Also this is a great way to interact with your mod fans so thank you for setting this up.

  2. If you have a wordpress account you can ‘Like’ images as well.

    There are some awesome shots on there already, I will have to up my game ;-)

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