News, Notes, and Wikis

I3ceEiWZhaarteth has finished indexing the ReadMe section, and I’ve added some colorful little banners to the table of contents. The changes are relatively minor, but they should make navigation a lot easier. And if not we can take a whiteboard eraser to the whole thing. Maligree has also finished another quest page, for Mogo’s Mead. We are getting closer and closer to completion.

Another thing I’m considering doing is turning the future content of this mod over to the users. There will still need to be an editor to check quality control *cough* lindenlaurel *cough* and a modder *cough* nonoodles *cough* to implement the new lines, quests, etcetera, but I’ve never been one to get particularly attached to things I’ve done in the past. I don’t care if someone else writes new lines or re-writes the old ones, so long as they stay true to the character. It’s the only way to really ensure the mod has continued life once I abandon it for a smarter, better-looking child.



9 thoughts on “News, Notes, and Wikis”

  1. So you /do/ plan to stop the mod at some point?
    Thank goodness, I was becoming concerned for your health. It might’ve been 2028 and you’d be working on the 1,529th NPC. Probably some humanized barrel of some sort, friend of Mannequin maybe who has since been granted a full-fledged Mannequin family along with his whole 3-part questline.

    … Come to think of it, actually, that all sounds great. Why isn’t this a thing yet?

  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEASE never find a smarter better-looking child! Abandoning this one would be criminal!

    (Just in case you miss the point, I truly love your work.)

  3. I…feel indescribably sad reading this, Kris. Sure we all knew you’d be hanging up your gun someday but…not today. It’s like hearing about the end of an era.

    And yes of course, I will, we will all pitch in to do what we can to put the final bit of polish to it. It doesn’t need to be said that I for one am ready to help clean up the last straggling ends, whether it’s quests or worldspaces or whatever.

    And rather than me (or anyone else) adding more to the mod once you’re done, I think the best course would be to make a master file out of it as modder’s resource. Then someone who wants to, for example, make a quest to heal Zora can do it. This is a fairly good example of something neither you nor I would want to implement in the main mod itself, and I believe users should be empowered to do it themselves – with your blessing and guidance – once you’re through.

    I’m actually rather teary, lol. It’s hard to think of a time when we won’t be updating our INPC anymore.

    But hey, wouldn’t want you to burn out before Fallout 4

      1. I reserve the right to be maudlin!

        Hah but yea, do give us a heads up when you announce your retirement plans – as in, an advance announcement before the advance announcement to the REAL announcement : P

        On a side note, zhaarteth did a really fine job on the readme redux. A round of beer and back slaps to everyone working on the wiki, really.

  4. i always wonderd something about your followers kirs. how come they dont have a healing spell and courage spell dialogue. its been on my mind so i thought id ask : )

  5. So what I’m hearing from that last paragraph is “When I run off to shoot people in Fallout 4, feel free to take up the daunting life-squandering task of thinking up concepts and lines for that Dragonborn Expansion I’ve basically shoveled under the rug”

    Challenge accepted. Of course, that’s mostly “Optimistic Writer Me Who Wants People to Have Something to Say About the Spider Grenades”, but it’s still all I heard =P

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