Screenshots – Blood and Silver


Welcome to another episode of screenshots. Today, I ditched Daenlyn in favor of one of the newest followers, Bear-Foot Froa, and continued gallivanting around Skyrim. Don’t worry Oakhollow fans, I’ll pick him up again if and when his new lines are recorded, but as of now I don’t want to add any more to his queue with quests lines being a priority.

After doing a speed run through The Immortal Coil, the first thing I needed to check was whether the roaming Thalmor I added was disabled, and to do that, we needed to return to Markarth.


Serana was quite pleased, because it gave her a chance to relax and dip her feet into this bear. Can’t say I blame her. Looks comfy.


For those who don’t know, blood and silver are what flow through Markarth. If you didn’t know you must not play a lot of Skyrim, because they say it a lot. The blood and silver thing. Of course, if Markarth is known as the City of Stone, then it also stands to reason that you can’t draw blood from it. This is a terrible joke I made up, not only because it is unfunny but because using idioms in the presence of Serana is never a good thing. She tends to take them literally.

2014-04-03_00008Little Cosnach has waited his entire life to sit at the big kid table. No more holiday dinners sitting with his toddler cousins who can barely eat solid foods, let alone hold an intelligent conversation on why girls are gross and whether it’s better to be Kolb or the dragon. No, Cosnach is a big boy now, and he’s welcome to all the perks that come with.

Still no shipments coming in though.

Look, the effects of solitary confinement on the mind are well documented, so I don’t mean to make light of Serana’s array of mental illnesses, but man, not a day goes by where I don’t turn my head around and find her doing something positively crazy.

Of course this is my fault for saying you can’t draw blood from a stone. Tell Serana she can’t do something, and she will break the rules of the universe to prove you wrong. Well, not this time, nutto. Maybe unwavering belief will work in your Chinese cartoons, but out here in the western fantasy world, logic and reason rule the day.


While the blood never came, what Serana did manage to draw was the attention of the guards. Although I suppose they would’ve come anyway given I refused to surrender. Fortunately the more bodies pile up the greater the effect of the Ritual Stone. Yesterday’s foe is today’s friend. And with a small army at my back, I decided to capture the city.

No one has ever broken out of Cidhna Mine, but has anyone broken in? Now I was thinking with Seranas. Unfortunately, an invisible wall thwarted our attempt, although I did try consoling my way to Madanach and slaughtering everyone inside. Also, this happened.


Ultimately it didn’t matter, as Froa and Serana alone were enough to take down Madanach’s crew. Well, all except for Grisvar the Unlucky, who briefly ran out, took one look at Froa and trotted back to his hole.


At this point I decided to Oblivion with this city and went after all the remaining guardsman in Markarth. Froa got to kill Ondolemar, which must’ve felt good, and Serana got to run around and shoot sparkly lights out of her hands, which is always a treat for her. All in all another successful adventure, although I only managed to write a handful of lines.


7 thoughts on “Screenshots – Blood and Silver”

  1. I’ve had Lajjan as a follower for a bit and she doesn’t seem very talkative. Shouldn’t she have combat dialog? Because she never said anything when or after fighting.

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