Hello World!

Hello world indeed. Here is the Alpha version of the new website. The domain name is temporary, I’ll be switching it out to 3DNPC.com soon enough.

To enter, click on the FORUMS button in the top right corner or the recent bulletin posts on the left. This is where discussions, comments, and things of that nature should take place. If you want to start a discussion regarding an NPC or quest, do it here. The Q&A is for bug reports and troubleshooting, the wiki is for information. General chat and the like goes to the forum, just click on the button in the top right corner.

In the upper right hand corner, you’ll notice links to the forums as well as a place to ask, answer and browse user questions. Try it out, ask a question, any question, and I’ll do my best to answer it.

The one disadvantage to the Q&A section is that anonymous posters can’t ask questions. Why? I have no idea. The creators say it has to do with spam. It’s bizarre because they could’ve just gave me the option and let me decide for myself. Hopefully they’ll change that in a future update.

The wiki is indexed more or less like it was previously, with one major change. If I’m not mistaken, it can be edited by any subscriber. Unfortunately, it can’t be edited by anonymous users, however, unless I pay $19 a month which is crazy given the information will be mostly static. The linkable text also makes a huge difference.

The audio player has a pop-out feature that will let you play music while you browse the site. This isn’t as ideal as having it run regardless of what page you’re on, but the only player I found that does that (Background Music Player) doesn’t list the tracks and titles, let alone have a playlist feature. You’ll also notice a DOWNLOAD button. Not a hallucination. You can download right off the player.

As evidenced by the top, you’ll notice the site supports the WEBM format, which is better than uploading to Youtube because reasons. Well, mostly due to the fact that the videos load in full quality. I prefer WEBMs to GIFs because they don’t run in perpetuity and cause me motion sickness. Here are some I stole off 4chan earlier this week:

The last thing you should check out is the comment system. Youtube videos will automatically embed. Still working on images like GIFs and whatnot.

There’s a plug-in that will allow every instance of a keyword to link to that respective page in the Wiki. So if I type the words Fontaine it will link to his page automatically. This should work anywhere on the site, whether it’s the comments, the forum, ANYWHERE.

18 thoughts on “Hello World!”

      1. Much better. So you can’t upload a GIF, but you can link to a GIF.

        Cosmetically, I still don’t like how the URL link shows on top of it, so I sent a question to Disqus’ customer support. Hopefully that will help.

        1. If I’m not logged on to Disqus, I’m not replying as myself. This is a downside, making users sign on with 50 different names.

          It’s also asking for an email.

    1. Many of the site functions are completely broken using IE browser at my work. Hopefully no one is still using IE at this day and age (unless they’re procrastinating at work and this is the only browser).

      Also editing function for admins totally crashed IE. More reasons to not use this stupid browser.

      Is email notification for replies working?

      1. You’ll definitely need an HTML5 browser. IE version 11 does work with HTML5, but not the WEBM video. It says “Download video” instead. Firefox and Chrome seem to b okay.

        I got an email notifying me of this comment, and I can reply to this in the dashboard, but I take it the DISQUS comment system didn’t show up in IE? Yikes. Still IE 11 isn’t completely unsalvageable, only WEBM support is missing and that’s not a big deal.

        Try asking a question or doing a forum post and see if that works.

        I don’t see it there, and my guess is this comment won’t show up either. The plug-in is separate

        1. IE is awful, I’m using Chrome on my laptop now. I can’t login to Disquis though with the temp account. When I do manage to get in, it says I’m not allowed access?

          Also, odd I didn’t get an email for your reply.

        2. You should be able to reply anonymously, like the “Jarl Joffrey” post I made. Let me see if I can find a way to display all comments, Disqus or otherwise.

    1. may need an administrator privilege, let me see if I can add you as a comment manager. Do you have a DISQUS username?

      I did find a way to import all previous comments into Disqus.

    2. Okay, you’re now a mod. You should be able to change whatever you like.

      EDIT: I manually added the tags for this to work, so much like the old site, you can still use the HTML but it doesn’t auto-embed.

        1. Same here. I think it may have something to do with added security and help with faster loading times of web pages. Chrome has a similar function that disables plugins unless otherwise specified.

  1. Let’s try this comment with a video using the oEmbed comment plugin.

    Look at Kevin Spacey “throw” a baseball. It’s mesmerizing.

    1. It works! Hallelujah! Now let’s try a GIF.

      FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF it doesn’t work. Jesus christ. Maybe there’s a way to change the programming.

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