3DNPC v3.05.4

2014-04-11_00003Here is version 3.05.4, the fourth of ten weekly updates until a full Nexus release. Similar to last week, I spent most of my time working on things outside of the mod. In particular, the new website. I think it’ll be ready either tomorrow or Wednesday now that I got the domain issue squared away. All that’s left now is to wait for propagation(right now it’s still routing me back here) and then clone everything over from interesting-npcs.com which should take about a minute or two.

About twenty or so people subscribed to help test out the alpha site, thanks for that, you may have to subscribe again when the website goes live as 3DNPC.com is technically going to be a separate location, not sure. I’ll be basically making every subscriber an author, which will allow you to make posts and vandalize the Wiki at your leisure. The idea is that the new site will be more or less a community site, you can post your screenshots, stories, and the like to the front page.

Still, it’s a scary proposition, letting anyone and everyone post, so we’ll see how well that goes when the site goes live.

3DNPC v3.05.4 (91MB Zip Download) – REQUIRES v3.05 INSTALLED 

New NPCs
• Mithril (Ronja Monto)

Re-Recorded NPCs
• Jerulith (Jessica Osborne)
• Carmella (Katie Votapka)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.05
• Increased difficulty by adding reanimated corpses and healing mechanic to Forgotten Lore
• Provided option to turn in Talos worshipers for Immortal Coil
• Fenced In – Morndas asks to meet fence but script referenced wrong quest.
• Immortal Coil – Added wandering, potentially hostile Thalmor patrol in Markarth for first phase of the quest and objective to ensure PC talks to Froa upon retrieving the soul gems. Also added objective to return to Widow’s Watch.
• Froa’s 100+ Post-Quest audio files were not included in 3.05
• Hagravi missing marriage lines added
• Dropped HP of Darkened Steel NPC and added failsafe script to ensure proper outcome
• Ylgyne dismissal was incorrectly conditioned to Meresine being in your group as opposed to Ylgyne
• Removed instances of double voices for Larkspur, Duraz, and Yushari
• S’vashni’s minimum level raised to 20



14 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.05.4”

  1. Is it possible in a future update to make the spouse’s Hearthfire compatible in that they ask about the children you adopt rather than how it is now where they don’t acknowledge their existence lol. I understand this is minor issue but one that I feel is important to the immersion of the game. I love this mod and all the hard work that has gone into it and even if this doesn’t get fixed it will still be in my load order I was only hoping if you find the time you can work on this please. Thank you for your time and please keep up all the wonderful hard work!

    1. Yeah, the difficulty would be getting the old actors to record the lines.

      With the houses, I could just copy over the old stuff.

      It’s easy for modders who make single companions and voice them themselves. It gets trickier when you’re trying to flag 20 people down who in many cases have moved on. Anna, Jay and Aranas are still around though.

      1. I understand completely and again it’s not a big thing, but I do look forward to future updates and this being implemented! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my comment. I absolutely love your mod it adds so much more color and life to the world of Skyrim.

        1. Yeah, I took a look at the vanilla child dialogue, and while I don’t think there are scenes with the spouse, there is a lot of dialogue with the player that can be used in scenes. Wrote up a couple for Amalee, Isobel, and Rumarin since those actors are caught up.

          I’m not sure how to approach dialogue where you’re talking about the kid, because how do they know which kid? I haven’t played HF to know how vanilla does it, but I can’t imagine it’d be anything but generic.

    2. By the way, do the vanilla spouses interact with the children?

      Poking around now, I saw scenes where the children call each other horker-face but I didn’t see any parent/child interaction, that would be easy to implement for Isobel and Rumarin at the very least if it already exists in the game.

      To that end, what do the vanilla spouses even say about the children? As in, how do they account for the child’s personality?

      1. Below I have pasted dialog your spouse will say regarding the kids and a video to help you get a better idea. As far as the kids go they will say different simple things depending on where you live for example I was living at my Lakeview Manor and the kids would say “Pa said he would take me fishing on the lake tomorrow” Or “Pa said he would take me hunting I bet he’ll bring down a mammoth”.

        One of the neat things in Hearthfire is that you can ask you spouse how your adopted children are and they will give you a general review of the area they are living in. For instance I can ask my current spouse Senna how the kids are and depending on the city she will respond differently.
        (this is roughly what she says below, might be off by a word or two from memory)

        Soliutde: Oh fine, so many guards on the street here I hardly have to worry.

        Markarth: You tell me. Between the Forsworn and the mine, Markarth is hardly a safe place to raise children.

        Windhelm: *blech* This city is crawling with filth, its all I can do to keep the kids safe.

        Whiterun: As well as can be excpected. Dear, this house would work for the two of us, but with children? We need to find a bigger place.

        Riften: Oh, fine, if you want to bring up little pickpockets. This place is a terrible influence on a child.

        Windstad Manor (Hjaalmarch): Fine, when we’re not fending off attacks by wolves. Or bears. Or giant spiders. Honestly, what were you thinking sending us out here?

        Video: Skyrim Hearthfire ‘Kids’ Dialogue with Mjoll the …: http://youtu.be/PjiydBggab4

        Hope this helps!

      2. Also I think if you have one child when you ask about the kid yiu say something like : “How’s Blaise doing?” and when you have multiple you ask

        1. Bah I submitted by mistake before I was finished when you have multiple children you ask “How are the kids” rather than saying their individual names.

  2. Wow! I have followed and used this mod for quite a while. I have seen several mentions of the wiki and other resources here, but until this new post where interesting-npcs.com was mentioned specifically I was unaware of it’s existance. I have for months been accessing this as 3dnpc.com, and so have never seen the other areas! Great work all, my level of ‘impressed’ just went up another notch!

    1. yeah, interesting-npcs.com was a temp domain I made due to issues with the migration. The old theme didn’t take. It just looked like a mess, so I had to re-build from scratch on a separate domain while routing 3dnpc.com back here.

      3dnpc.com should now route you to the proper location.

    1. Should be up now and ready to go, I opted for a better plan so it’s much faster than the alpha, although sometimes I click on something and get a white page and have to reload.

      By the way, if you have any quest screenshots, feel free to put them on the wiki, you should have editing powers like everyone else. I used your shot here and I think 16:9 works better than the 16:10 ratio my screen has(and thus all my screenshots).


      You can also take pictures down if you don’t want me using them. We all have the powwaaaa.

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