User Roles and Collaborations

I want to make a post to discuss the user roles on the new website.  The original goal was to give everyone a key to the kingdom. Make you authors, editors, and keymasters of Gozer. Normally that might make the website susceptible to vandals, but that presumes people actually care enough to bother. The mod is a known entity, but it isn’t famous.

The problem wasn’t vandals, but spambots. Hundreds of hundreds of spambots. They go by names like Alfredo Bowers and Vaun Diamond and Zoila5110sxido, names that couldn’t possibly be real (We need more Zoila5110sxido license plates in the Gift Shop. Repeat, we are sold out of Zoila5110sxido license plates). Worse yet, they make posts on the front page about maggots and bees.  Their will is unbreakable because they have no will to break.

Vandals get tired. A spambot never sleeps.

I am still sticking to the plan, of course. You will all be given powers, I just need to confirm your status as a human. While I realize this disqualifies Anduniel, who is clearly some sort of evolved superhuman machine, the rest of you well-mannered waterbags shall be awarded authorships and the like.  Just make a post somewhere on the website while logged in as a subscriber, or ask for a key directly by sending me an email.

This will allow you to make posts to the front page, and edits to the wiki. Author powers will also allow you to make additions to the collaborative script page in the casting call section. Want to write a quest where Zora gets her scars healed? Where you can marry Two-Tails? Make Olivia a follower? Have party banter with your new followers Olivia and Dai-Dar’rakki? Anything you want, you can write.

Consider it a fanfiction playground, save one stark difference. I’ll be notifying the actors and if they are willing, they may lend a voice to your fiction. Myself or another modder may make a patch to turn it into a reality. I might even include some of the lines into the base mod. Basically, this is a way to satisfy every request and desire without altering the canon version.

22 thoughts on “User Roles and Collaborations”

  1. I solemnly swear I’m a human being and I want my superpowers right here right now, so I can sometime in the future vandalize this website. *evil laugh*

    1. Ha, in all seriousness though, I think I already gave you powers, although you have to be logged in. logins should work now as well.

      You can tell by going to a wiki page and seeing if the option to edit is there.

      1. Just like that? No radioactive spiders in my mail? No cosmic rays? But I guess it it probably better you gave me only virtual internet powers, since it is highly unlikely that I’ll ever use them to destroy the world or at least write anything which would make sense or use proper english grammar. Thanks. :D

        1. Actually, the cosmic rays are delivered via subliminal imagery. Unfortunately most of the non-website related powers I have given you are completely useless in day to day life.

          For example, this post grants you the power to spin around a stationary finger. Try it. Amazing, but completely useless.

        2. Her entire site is amazing. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroll!

          Also, the site now supports bbcode, so IMG and /IMG should work if you put them in brackets like this [img][/img]


    1. Yes. I can’t get out of Raven Rock for the life of me. Add away!

      edit: Couldn’t find a user with the name Mazekial though. You have to login first I think before I can knight you.

        1. [img][/img]

          Let me know if further powers are needed. I think author gives control over most things, but I may need to make everyone editors instead.

        2. Now I just need to take time out of my day tomorrow to float on over to Solstheim on my one character who has yet to venture there and acquire a lifetime supply of spider grenades so I can recall the exact dynamic and layout of that dungeon to properly write up quips.

          Dis’ll be fun =P

      1. Are there Dragonborn spoilers in it? If so I probably shouldn’t read it myself.

        Either way, I’ll make sure Jay is aware of it and if/when (probably when, “if” is more for actors who aren’t as diligent) he records I’ll post a link to the audio on the page.

        If I have time I’ll make the patch myself, but any modder can do that at any time once the audio is recorded.

        1. There’s no Dragonborn Main Quest spoilers at all. There is a Black Book in the dungeon (they have a connection to the main quest), and I took the time to add commentary for it, but I made the specific effort to try to ensure the dialogue would make sense independently of the main quest.

          There’s also a reference to the fact that the “Bound Dagger” spell tome was added in the expansion, but that’s not really a spoiler.

  2. Could any bot really be as persistently irritating as I?

    Although I haven’t much to add beyond the vague humorous and/or dramatic ideas. I’m a writer, not a programmer, so I think more in terms of storyline than questline. So I suppose this is just reassurance that the spambots have yet to become self-aware.

    1. Perhaps not self-aware, but their numbers are amassing. According to the user section, there’s 425 of them. It kind of makes me nervous.

  3. This is great. Let me just down this bottle of fire tequila, toss the lemon into the Prime Minister’s backyard and hammer out a script. Drunk modding is responsible modding.

    More seriously, I just want to add that I’m pretty open to creating this patch for someone who has ideas but not the CK savvy to implement them. Having said that, I wish I hadn’t. But seriously, if time and tide permit, and if it isn’t an epic 3 continent quest I’d be happy to help out thataways.

    1. The site was inaccessible? Someone on Nexus said it redirected to some weird spam site. Is this true? Aack, what in Oblivion is going on?

      1. I wasn’t redirected, just kept getting the no data received message for a while. I didn’t check whether the site was down any other way though.

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