Fan Art – Rule 63 by 324b21, Anum-La and Qa'Dojo by Numeriku

2vce54m (1)

Here is some gender-bending art from 324b21 that he posted in the forums a few weeks ago. See if you can guess them all. Somehow I managed to fail this test, which is just further proof I am going senile.

anum_la_the_swamp_knight_by_numeriku-d7f9gbe qa_dojo_by_numeriku-d7f6w4u

This is a pair of MSPaint jobs from Numeriku, who’s provided a lot of the screenshots you see in the gallery. The colors on Anum-La’s scales are really vibrant here.2cd93yq (1)

Here’s the second set of Rule 63 art from 324b21. Raynes is looking pretty moe there, although it helps she’s juxtaposed with Barefoot Beefcake on the right.

Lastly, here is one more from 324b21, a GIF of Skjarn dry humping. Incredible. I have no words.


4 thoughts on “Fan Art – Rule 63 by 324b21, Anum-La and Qa'Dojo by Numeriku”

  1. These were a lot of fun to figure out. I really like Amalee. He looks so laid back~ And those portraits were done in MSpaint? Very impressive!

    Ha ha, pelvic thrust!

    1. Well, we’d need Numeriku to confirm. It’s a common joke to say “1000 hours in MSPaint” when it really required some $5000 art software and a goat sacrifice.

      1. Yup, all MSPaint. I used the crayon and natural pencil tools :)
        Qa’Dojo took around 30 mins while Anum-La took around 3 hours *never drawn either race before, yikes Argonians have such intricate detail x_X*

        1. really awesome! i couldnt get a hang on ms paint, i think it has something to do with the not having pen pressure, lol.

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