Here are some GIFs

Thanks to numeriku and sinokoi-sk for the moving images. I threw in the Zora and Serana fight in the middle. By the way, Qa’Dojo looks very warm in that scarf. Perhaps he will go outside and catch a snowflake on his tongue. He would like that very much.




2 thoughts on “Here are some GIFs”

  1. Dat Rumarin.

    I am once again reminded of how much Rumarin’s personality reminds me of Dragon Age’s Alistair.

    Still waiting for the quest to come out where Rumarin reveals he’s a bastard son of Torygg and is now a candidate to the throne, but a horde of Daedra begin to sweep across the land so the Dragonborn and Rumarin have to join an ancient order by drinking Daedra blood and sacrifice themselves killing a Daedric Dragon unless one of them bangs Deirdre for some kind of ritual.

    …God what am I saying? XD

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