Meet the Actor – Matt Dixon


It’s been a while since I’ve done an actor interview, and there’s really no excuse since we’ve almost topped 100 actors in total. One hundred! And I can’t even be bothered to interview more than a dozen. Let’s rectify that.

Matt Dixon has voiced a variety of roles, big and small. He’s sung and danced, peddled skooma, drank milk, and hunted treasure. He’s swam in the wind, got bitten thrice, and best of all, he turns in his lines on time. And despite the bank being closed on Sundas, he even took out some more – time – to answer a few questions, inane and otherwise.

Matt’s Twitter
Matt’s Youtube Channel

8 thoughts on “Meet the Actor – Matt Dixon”

  1. Lovely interview, Matt! I enjoyed it, and your work, very much; please keep up the good work. You are a very versatile voice actor. I admit there were moments when I didn’t realize it was you voicing a character. Like Skeever, for example. I didn’t know that was you!

    I did have a question, but seeing as I don’t have a twitter account I’m gonna ask here. I’ve always been curious about accents. How do you manage to voice characters with accents that are different from your own? Do you spend time practicing samples of that accent before recording? What sort of routine do you have to get into that “zone,” if you have one?

    1. Thank you for the compliments. I’ve been trying to find Skeever in the game because I’ve honestly forgotten what he sounded like and there’s no video of him. XD

      I try and expose myself to a LOT of different accents. Be that in movies, TV shows or even YouTubers.
      I also practice a heck of a lot. I like to just talk to people in funny voices for poops and giggles and that really develops your ability to make an accent work and sound natural.
      I think listening to a sample a lot will just get you really good at saying one phrase, you don’t experiment in your own way. Listen to a South African guy (Mine was Trevor Noah from QI) and here him say a bunch of different words and take it all in. Then just spend a day trying to talk like that, however you think feels natural. If you get it wrong it won’t sound right so you change it until it does.

      Before a recording I honestly just wing it, I think about the character and how they’re feeling and who they are then I just see what voice comes out. If I really don’t like it I’ll do something different but I never like to over think things. (That and I’m lazy.)

      Honestly I’m kind of bad at ‘getting in the zone’ if I am in the mood to record I will, if I’m not I won’t and I rarely try and force myself to be.
      But if I am in the mood I suppose I just drink some water, get my recording set up ready and just relax myself and forget about everything else. That simple routine is enough to relax me and get me into the character.

      Thank you very much for your question, I’m honored you find my acting interesting. X

      1. Oh you’re very welcome~! I have a love for animation, so I was curious. I always find it interesting to learn/watch what some voice actors do to achieve the voices they use. Take Tom Kenny, voice of Spongebob and Ice King from Adventure Time, for example. For some of his voices he stretches his lips over his teeth and even grabs the skin under his throat to create different voice effects for various characters. It’s both intriguing and kinda hilarious at the same time.

  2. I think Danelyn is the only one of your voiced chars I’ve met and I have him as follower right now so, great work on him! (Also because of Mithril, its like two followers in one). I think I get what you mean by followers set to essential, was rather shocked when I killed Rumarin by chance.

    1. The odds are always against your followers in Skyrim. They will usually die eventually, I don’t like that. XD
      I have enough trouble protecting myself.

  3. thanks for your work! Daenlyn has been my favourite follower ever since I met him and a big part is because I thought his voice sounded perfect! Also Mogo’s mead was nicely sang, I request it whenever I’m chilling and I never get tired of listening to it!

  4. I fiiiinaaallly got to sit and listen to this, and Matt- you are awesome. I need to find Daenlyn in my game soon, because I need to hear some of his lovely banter.

    Stalking you on twitter now, because reasons. :3 (Also I can’t wait for a certain quest involving him and Jerulith to be finished. It’s going to be so good!)

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