3DNPC v3.05.6

All right, it’s Monday, Morndas, the day Garfield hates more than anything despite not having a job. It’s also the day of a new update. This week we have a new child NPC that should serve as additional color and add some role play.

However, since we don’t want the area to clutter up, meeting her requires completing Dar’rakki’s quest and then hitting an invisible trigger box in one of the more populated cities. Check her wiki page for more details.

I’ve also added some additional textures to Mithril, courtesy of Badgremlin. For those of you who’ve met her already, the added textures should help explain any abrupt movements that sometimes cause her feet not to touch the floor.

3DNPC v3.05.6 (108MB Zip Download) – REQUIRES v3.05 INSTALLED

New NPCs
• Mithril (Ronja Monto)
• Fuki (Zillac)

Re-Recorded NPCs
• Jerulith (Jessica Osborne)
• Carmella (Katie Votapka)
• Jeerah-Nur (Aranas)

New Songs
• Spring (Ronja Monto)

New Meshes/Textures
• Badgremlin –Moving Wings

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.05
• Increased difficulty by adding reanimated corpses and healing mechanic to Forgotten Lore
• Provided option to turn in Talos worshipers for Immortal Coil
• Fenced In – Morndas asks to meet fence but script referenced wrong quest.
• Immortal Coil – Added wandering, potentially hostile Thalmor patrol in Markarth for first phase of the quest and objective to ensure PC talks to Froa upon retrieving the soul gems. Also added objective to return to Widow’s Watch.
• Froa’s 100+ Post-Quest audio files were not included in 3.05
• Hagravi missing marriage lines added
• Dropped HP of Darkened Steel NPC and added failsafe script to ensure proper outcome
• Ylgyne dismissal was incorrectly conditioned to Meresine being in your group as opposed toYlgyne
• Removed instances of double voices for Larkspur, Duraz, and Yushari
• S’vashni’s minimum level raised to 20

Site News and Notes
I’ve noticed since installing the BuddyPress a couple days ago the website has gotten considerably slower. I don’t know if I passed a particular threshold, but one thing I know is that I can’t do without any of the current plugins. If anything, I’ve had to compromise. Still, the CPU throttling makes it apparent the host no likey the resources I’m exhausting.

After trying out a few caching plugins and seeing little to no improvement, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and upgrade. This is mostly for my own sanity if nothing else. Browsing the wiki should not be an incredible chore, so hopefully it will all load much faster now that I’ve thrown money at the problem.

Spam Users
The number of spam subscribers has become untenable, so I’ve made two changes. For one, you can no longer reply anonymously to the Q&A. There would be 30 replies to a question every hour and from the same Japanese spammer. That had to stop.

There was also over 800 spam subscribers before the filter got thrown in. So to clean up the ones that leaked through, I’m going to delete pretty much every subscriber that hasn’t posted or doesn’t have a custom icon.

If I deleted your account on accident, I’m sorry. If you’re a real person, Rebecca Jerome or Reggie McPhee, then my bad. There were a couple that I nearly put into the spambox but at the last minute decided they were human. Again, the easiest way to affirm your human status is to make a post or alter your avatar.


3 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.05.6”

  1. Hehe I thought the abrupt movement was something wrong on my side. I haven’t installed this yet but I think I get it now. Thanks!

  2. Apparently there’s a jester hat wearing Jeru wandering around Dawnstar not speaking to anybody, and Vigram’s been spotted in the vicinity of Whiterun after this update. Thought you might want to check if it’s really happening or the mod’s grown a mind of its own…finally :)

    1. The Jerulith clone must’ve gotten out of her holding cell. Didn’t realize they could do that. Wouldn’t have been a problem though if I remembered to remove Jerulith’s base packages. Will do that.

      As for why a clone, well, the way the game does outfits, I figured it was safer to make a copy of Jerulith instead of relying on it to switch her back to her normal Thalmor gear. It doesn’t seem to like switching outfits twice. The bard isn’t a problem because his base outfit needs to be changed anyway.

      Vigram is another story. Haven’t touched him.

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