Die Spambots!

I’ve added a captcha to the registration process, so this should finally end the spammation of this website. If you are currently listed as a subscriber and do not have a custom avatar, forum post, or blog comment, make one in the next 24 hours and I’ll be sure not to purge you from the databanks. Although if you do get purged (or have already been by mistake), all you have to do is re-register. You should also be able to login via WordPress.com.



3 thoughts on “Die Spambots!”

  1. Man I really do hope this helps you out wrangling spam bots and spam posts. I remember, when you first went live with the new site, there was this super long blog post about bed bugs written in like 3 different versions of courier font. I sat there reading going, “What the sense make?” It was up for a 45 min before it was spotted and taken down.

    1. Yeah, that was when I made everyone authors just for signing up. That didn’t last long. Switching them to subscribers put a stop to that.

      Problem is, even though they stopped spamming, they still signed up, and I couldn’t figure out who to give author powers to. The captcha should fix that issue.

  2. Q&A also has a captcha now, because some spammers were registering to the site through there and bypassing the registration captcha.

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