Fan Art – Amalee and Skjarn by 324b21


More fan art because really I’ve been swamped and so I haven’t had time to really do much of anything, let alone think of new blog posts. This is what 324b21 refers to as a Manalee – half man, half Amalee, 100% amazing. I’d like to think a male Amalee would be a huge fan of manscaping and of course wandering around with his shirt off.


No poor lady soul can resist the walking testosterone that is Skjarn…. nobody.

Ha, the beauty of Skjarn is that his boasts are mostly up to your interpretation. Personally, I see him as more of a Zapp Brannigan type figure, but others say his skill in bedroom brawling is unmatched. Or the truth could fall somewhere in between.

3 thoughts on “Fan Art – Amalee and Skjarn by 324b21”

  1. Helloooooo, Nurse~! That’s some quality beefcake right there. I’d make it rain on Manalee, but I’m afraid I’d give him a concussion. Falling gold coins can hit really hard!

    What a wonderful little comic about Skjarn. xD My Dragonborn has the hots for him, but she has a sneaking suspicion he’d toss her aside like yesterday’s garbage just as soon as he got what he wanted from her. They’re good friends and that kind of behavior would break her heart. So it will never be!

  2. Oh no, I’m swooning over Manalee. He’s too much for me aaah.

    The comic about Skjarn is too funny aaah xD. Good thing my Dragonborn is an innocent little boy (Well he isn’t really a little boy he just looks young I guess and he isn’t really all that innocent after slaughtering so many bandits and stealing.) so Skjarn would hopefully never do such things to him.

  3. Impressive that the Dragonborn managed to prevent Skjarn from going Werewolf on her during the deed. Or maybe she’s into that sort of thing…?

    Regardless, haha.

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