News, Notes, and Celebrity Impressions

You may know Barrett Leddy as the voice of Yarbrough, the melodic Wood Elf bard in Rorikstead. He also does some celebrity impressions, and he recently got a chance to show off his Gilbert Gottfried voice on the Howard Stern show. While he didn’t win the five large, it’s only because Mr. Stern didn’t ask Barrett to sing.

Howard’s loss really. My man would’ve killed it.


2 thoughts on “News, Notes, and Celebrity Impressions”

  1. Barrett is very talented! It’s a damn shame he didn’t win, I thought it was a great impression of Gilbert Gottfried. I’ve never really been a fan of Howard Stern’s work, don’t hate him or anything, but I don’t actively listen to him. I would have never known about this. Thanks for sharing tidbits of the lives of your voice actors!

  2. Ha, yeah, I don’t think people listen to the radio in general anymore, unless Howard does a podcast now? Who knows.

    Either way, I was pleasantly surprised when Barrett showed me the clip, I was like hey, I kinda sorta know that guy and he’s on a national thingamajig with famous people. Kind of neat.

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