Happy Mother's Day!

Skyrim was the one place my son had never been. Which makes it all the more magical that we can see it together.

For Mother’s Day, I decided to make a little GIF of Wander-lust and son. He already traveled with her in spirit – this is probably a little more literal than you’d expect. The picture’s meant to show they’ve traveled a great distance, and yet still have so much more to explore. Hopefully the same is true for the mod.


3 thoughts on “Happy Mother's Day!”

  1. Aw, that’s sweet~ Spent time with my momma, took her out to dinner and gave her some small dolls I made with crochet; I made them look like my two sisters and myself. It was a nice evening. <3

    Does Wander-Lust's son actually appear in areas when she stops? I always seem to catch her on the roads, rather then at locations. I'll have to check her wiki page for her travel stops.

  2. You should try selling some Zora or Rumarin dolls here and see if anyone will buy them. Merchandising!

    I made Wander-Lust’s son yesterday to take this picture, so I didn’t actually add him to the mod. Something I might consider though.

  3. Ha making dolls of them sounds like fun. Zora would be easy, but Rumarn would be a bit challenging. Finding the right color yarn for his yellow-ish, brown-ish skin without it looking extremely cartoony or just plain sickly is the tricky part. xD

    And you should add her son as a spawn when Wander-Lust stops, I think that would be a neat thing to see. Found her outside of Markarth the other day, had a nice conversation with her. :3

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