Fan Art – Rumarin, Zora, and Valgus by Sinokoi




Here is some more fan work from Sinokoi’s Tumblr page.

EDIT: The author has asked that I remove the text so I’ve done that.


2 thoughts on “Fan Art – Rumarin, Zora, and Valgus by Sinokoi”

  1. Hello.
    My name is Itanzi of caretaker of sinokoi-sk.

    I am happily playing the always interesting NPCs.
    I am looking forward to be updated.
    That this page, published My illustrations I’m very honored

    However, for Japanese sentences.
    I can not English.
    I wrote this Text the translation site.

    sinokoi-sk, I do not write on the assumption that English users see.
    It is very embarrassing.
    Therefore, sorry, Please don’t do that,
    UP the Japanese sentences

    For my illustration, No problems. thanks

  2. Such lovely art! I like the way the eyes are drawn, they’re full of emotion that burns inside when I look into them.

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