News, Notes, Poetry Slams

Hjoromir's First Sword - Rak'sada has gifted his squire with sword. He chose a lightweight but deadly one since Hjoromir has not the arms of a brutish warrior.

Here’s some site news before tomorrow’s update. The sidebar now includes New Forum Topics. Before it just listed replies, and that made it so new discussions were harder to find. While it isn’t really a problem now given there’s only a dozen or so people who post, it may come in handy in the future.

Apropos of that, I made a forum post regarding poetry submissions for the new NPC. It occurred to me that I’m better off asking the community to write them because my knowledge of poetry is limited to Ashley’s ramblings on the Normandy.

In other website news, there was a recent issue where I accidentally broke the links in the music player, should be fixed now.

Sheryl aka shadowslasher410 has offered to help with the Wiki, which makes her my new favorite person. Anyone else who wants to contribute and currently lacks the appropriate powers let me know and I will change that.

Lastly, thanks to WoodManGamer for the screenshot.

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