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Recently I’ve been trying to encourage more fan creations, and we’ve already gotten some submissions. Mazekial was kind enough to add some Rumarin commentary to the user collaboration section here, and with Jay33721 having already voiced the lines and nonoodles offering to mod it, it looks like a patch will be made soon.

Remember, anyone can write anything. If you subscribed to the website and don’t have authorial powers, send me a PM and I’ll grant them to you. The only reason it isn’t automatic is because spammers.

In the end what gets recorded will be up to the actors, but I’ve encouraged them to record as much as there free time will allow.

Checking his folder, it appears the character has over 400 lines already, and this is just general gobbledy-gook. As for the New Vegas demo, there should be an update in the near future, which includes some more backstory lines and the foundation for a personal quest.

Of course, a lot of this is predicated on Damien‘s health and well being. As a military man, he recently informed me he’s shipping out for the next four months. Let’s all wish him well and hope he stays safe out in the real life wastes.

9 thoughts on “News, Notes, Fan Works”

  1. 400 LINES??!! Maaan that’s it: someday you have to tap dance in a tutu and I won’t demand a raise : D

    So it’s fine with Mazekial? I’ll get cracking on it once Vince is tested and uploaded. Thing is, I don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes so if Mazekial already found someone to do it, it would be nice to know beforehand.

    Also, where would I send the patch once it’s done?

    And best wishes to Damien.

  2. There’s nobody else modding it, trust me. I don’t even know if Mazekial knows Jay33721 recorded it, as it’s been a while since he wrote those lines.

    I’m going to have to make a fan patches section. Not sure how I’m going to go about it.

    Probably just like user screenshots, only instead of a tiled mosaic just have a gallery of images that link to the download, with a caption underneath saying what the download is.

    1. No, I did not know lol This is a very pleasant suprise =P

      I’ll be sure to utilize it as soon as I am able.

      1. Metaphorical Edit: *I’ll be sure to utilize it as soon as it is completed, which I am looking forward to playing.

  3. Any opinion on someone creating new characters and quests? I feel funky messing with old characters, but would love to contribute some new people. I can kinda-mod, at least putting the lines in. It’s the when to trigger and things that I’ve got some trouble with.

    But writing I can certainly contribute to. :)

    Best of luck, Damien!

    1. Of course, you can add a script here, it doesn’t have to be existing characters.

      Just click CREATE NEW and make a page and link to it from the user-scripts page. You can make sub-pages from that page like the Wiki does.

      The one thing is that with old NPCs, they’re already cast and I just have to notify the actor. With new NPCs, you’re going to have to cast them yourself. I’ll make a separate listing in the casting call section, and they can PM you. The advantage of doing that here is that actors/modders already come to the site so it’s extra exposure.

  4. This is just too awesome! I was hoping there would be some Dragonborn DLC dialouge <3

    I don't know if I could ever quite pull it off, but for the longest time I’ve wanted to see Erevan expanded on. He and Anum-La could learn something from each other; her about the truth of what it takes to be a Knight, and him about Honor without following a strict Knights code *aka, loosen up a bit*.

  5. Got it! Also, pm’ing you about a slight change of plans re Wet and Cold Holidays : )

    You should definitely go for it, numeriku! Erevan leaves quite an impression on a lot of players and it seems like something that could be incorporated into the main mod, if Kris concurs. Win + win! At the very least, one win!

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