News, Notes, and Elves Ear


They say the Elven ear was a once a leaf, and this is important, because leaves are the lifeblood of any plant. They are the vital organs that make food out of water and sunlight. Ears are cool too I guess but they are horrible at photosynthesis. On the other hand they don’t fall off in September.

That must’ve been hard to be an Elf and have leaves for ears. You’d lose your hearing every autumn and what sucks even more is you just got your ears pierced and it hurt like a bitch and now you’re going to have to do it again. It’s also kind of lame that you’re stuck in this low-walled cubicle and can’t hear what the human next to you is saying for another five months but then again that might not be a bad thing. Depends on the human, really.

Anyways, this is just an excuse to talk about Elves, particularly the one in Radiant Raiment. Right now he is a deaf mute who will do nothing save acknowledge your existence before moving on to the nearest chair. It looks like that will change before v3.07 though, in fact you can almost see the buds starting to form.

In other news:

  • Pelzknaeul made an excellent suggestion to add more fields to the profile section. You can list your contact info, give a little information about yourself, and even post an image.
  • I also added the ability to form groups, although I’m not entirely clear on what it’s for. Either way, let me know if there are any other profile or social features you want enabled. Look out, Zuckerberg, we coming for you.
  • I’m still in need of helpers for the wiki, mostly with regard to making quest pages since the NPC pages are more or less done. Also any stories, art, screenshots and other blog contributions are welcome.
  • I’m still tinkering with the Fan Patches page – ultimately a list might work better, but that’s a problem for later, once we get more fan patches than the one. Speaking of which, William Handford has voiced the Skjel marriage patch, so I’ll see if I can add that to the list in the coming days.

2 thoughts on “News, Notes, and Elves Ear”

  1. I wish I was an elf… Elves are so cool! I always play as a Nord in Skyrim, though. Everything else just feels so wrong. Woohoo! I’m an Altmer and the Dragonborn, a Nordic legend! I also just went to the Nordic afterlife to slay a dragon!

    Ahem… Anyway, I plan on doing the quest pages just as soon as I actually complete said quests. I recently started a new game, so I gotta get all the prerequisites done first (gah, this feels like college…).

    ‘Cause you know, making a wiki about it before you’ve actually done the quest is kinda spoiler-ish ;)

    1. I actually made a character once with the specific intention of mucking up the Nord’s perception of what the Dragonborn would be: it was a FEMALE High Elf spellsword who was perfectly submissive of the Thalmor taking over and was more interested in the academic study and teaching of the Thu’um and dragons rather than using the former to shout non-Nords down and smashing an axe into the latter whenever she came across one.

      It’s very fun, (apologies if the following paragraph steps on anyone’s toes) and almost reminiscent of how many of the Jewish people at the beginning of the first century assumed the Messiah was essentially going to be a military commander who would shoot lighting at anyone in Roman armor, take over the world, and rule as the head of an all-Jew monarchy for all eternity founded on the stictest of holy laws that would segregate every non-Jew as inferior spawn of Hell.

      According to my personal thoughts on the subject: hahanope!

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