Fan Art – The Knight and the Bird by Anka97

By Anka97

Here’s some artwork from Anka97 over on DeviantArt featuring the one and only Swamp Knight:

Sorry I couldn’t help myself but Argonians are my favourite race now.<3

I’m also playing threw the Interesting Npcs Mod for Skyrim lately. So many amazing characters, stories and voice acting. I also encountered the Argonian Anum-La the Swamp Knight. Best companion ever. :D

But I was always wondering what she does all the time standing at her tree. Who knows? Well this is just my idea of Anum-La spending some time with one of her new friends. :’>

Anka‘s actually not that far off. The significance of the tree is expounded upon in her personal quest. You might say she’s waiting for someone – bird, companion, or child – the same way they waited for her, way back when. 

And then you came along. 

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