Fan Art – Assorted NPCs by 324b21


It’s official. Caylene is now my new fave NPC.  I lost a total of 20 gold just for her performances. Totally lssed by her songs.


Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh it’s June? I don’t care! (Jaspar and Dovahbabes). 


And yet another Rumarin fan art. Ha! But not just any Rumarin fan art, it’s an R63’ed Rumarin fan art!


Well, that’s adorable. Here is a set of sketches from the always great 324b21. For more arty goodness, you can head on over to her Deviant Art page here. Do it now.

5 thoughts on “Fan Art – Assorted NPCs by 324b21”

  1. Caylene is seriously one of the best npcs ever. Between Olette and she, Riften takes on the gritty impoverished air it was meant to have.

  2. Griffith and Morrigan. D’aaaawwwwww. Now I remember how sad I was when I got to the end of their associated quests. It got to the point where I downloaded a Control NPC and Child Follower mod just so I could play as Griffith with Morrigan following along on a couple of adventures.

  3. Aw, that adorable scene with Jasper~ <3 I really like Jasper. His story is exceptionally touching. Thanks for adding him as well as Raynes and Amalee. There aren't any NPCs in the vanilla game that are strictly straight, gay, or lesbian. In fact the only time it comes up is in the Dragonborn DLC where you find a murdered gay married couple on Solstheim. Look up Hrodulf's House for more info on that, really sad story that one.

    1. It’s Jaspar! JASPAR!!! …Nah, I’m kidding. It’s all good. Everyone spells it Jasper. I think Bethesda made all the potential spouses bisexual so as not to offend anyone. Either that, or they were just lazy. But that just took all the personality out of them. They had it right with New Vegas. Veronica and Arcade were gay, Cass was bi, Boone was straight. Granted there was no relationship status with them, but their orientation added to their character. I am glad Kris made the choice to be more like that rather than making all the potential spouses bisexual.

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