Fan Art – Erevan by Numeriku, Agonalia


It’s always good to have some of the lesser known characters get a little artwork, and Erevan is no exception. This one was done in MS Paint I believe by Numeriku, and he looks quite distinguished.


This next one requires a little context, it’s a sketch done by Agonalia based on Erevan’s exile. The poor Elf was left to die in an ogre pit, but the brute ultimately ignored him and chewed on his goat jerky instead. Why? Because Erevan, you see, was spoiled meat. Metaphorically. I’m sure he would’ve been just tasty otherwise.


Desperate for food, Erevan ate the ogre’s raw, bloody leftovers, and that’s what we see here. I think. I mean, it’s also possible Erevan went completely insane, and this picture is depicting him petting his new friend – there, there – right before he tells him about his day. That’s the power of these blog posts. With a single sentence, I can turn all your favorite characters into crazy people.

But in all seriousness it’s pretty cool to have the backstories sketched and drawn. Really though, any sort of art – doodles, sketches, paintings – is appreciated. Thanks to all who’ve contributed.



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