3DNPC v3.06.2


Happy Monday! This is the second of ten updates before the release of version 3.07.  Today, I decided to sneak in one of the NPCs for a later quest, Amras, into this version by plugging him into Robber’s Refuge.

Another major change is a suggestion by LoneWolf to start A Rose Without Thorns earlier. It still requires hitting a trigger box elsewhere in the world as opposed to completing Diplomatic Immunity in order to create some chronological space, but otherwise at some point you should be able to return to Kynesgrove (provided A Blade in the Dark isn’t running) and start the quest.

In any event, ideas and suggestions are always welcome as they help make the mod better, so be sure to mention them in the forums.

3DNPC v3.06.2 (74MB)

New NPCs
• Amras (Patric M. Whitstone)

Re-Recorded NPCs
• Callen (Viridiane) – Remaining 20%

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.06
• Fixed instance where Marla was disabled if player returned to Jilkmar first
• Fixed instance where arriving on a day other than Morndas started Fenced In but left Swims-In-Wind disabled
• Altered prerequisites so Rose Without Thorns can be started without progressing in the main quest
• Minor typo and sound file fixes


5 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.06.2”

      1. Just as food for thought: Amras sounds like it would fit into TES more like a Bosmeri name, anyway. I mean, especially when you consider that another certain elf of another certain universe is more woodsman than anything. If it were up to me I’d change either his race or his name, and at this point I think race would be a mite easier. Just a thought, though.

        EDIT: I don’t mean to suggest inserting LOTR lore into a TES game. I just meant that “Amras” verbally sounds more Bosmer than Dunmer. Those were meant as two separate thoughts.

  1. I have to say, Argonian Hellenic names from Arena definitely take the cake! I also find it notable how the Bretons switched from a mix of Celtic and pseudo-Anglo-Saxon to mostly French, with only native Reachmen still being Celtic.

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