Not 15, Not 16…


The mod reached 15,000 endorsements on Nexus the other day, and to celebrate I decided to get another thousand. But seeing as this would never end, to celebrate 16,000 endorsements, I decided to just do nothing.

In all seriousness though, it’s good to know people are discovering the mod for the first time, especially now that a lot of the early hiccups have been cleaned up. As for what having 15K+ endorsements means, who knows. There are plenty of popular things in life that are godawful. On the other hand, if people enjoy it, does it matter? It’s best not to take life so seriously, friend.

In other news:

    • I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast to help fill out the weekly content here. I want to try and bring on guests and things schedule permitting, but to start it’ll just be general video game shit until we get our footing. Hosts may rotate as well since it’s really hard to get the stars and schedules aligned. We’d probably need some cheesy intro music, and a catchy name. 3DNPodC? Too wordy. The iNPC podcast? Too Apple. I don’t have the lawyers to keep it.
    • Pelzknaeul asked me if there were any rules for the forums as far as who can get banned, canned, or body-slammed. There really is just one. Don’t be a dick. And for the most part, everyone has abided by that rule. The forums are pretty comfy.
    • Someone mentioned there was no RSS feed or subscription thingy on the new site. I tried adding an option via the WordPress Jetpack plugin, but it just added a “Notify me by e-mail of any new posts” at the bottom. Not sure if that’s the same thing. If anyone knows what plug-in I should be using, let me know.

Lastly, in addition to 16K endorsements, we’ve also surpassed 2,000,000 views for the blog recently, which is pretty amazing seeing as there’s like 12 of us here. Of course, most people are anonymous folks who come for the wiki, which Sheryl and Inara continue to work on. It’s really the backbone of this site, and without everyone’s help we’d have a bad case of scoliosis, so thanks.

10 thoughts on “Not 15, Not 16…”

  1. To be perfectly honest, I am surprised you’re not 20K + by now considering the quality of the mass quantity of content the mod adds. Maybe it’s the fact of just how much content it is. They see the DL size and are like “Hell naw.” That’s all I can come up with anyway. The fools.

    That podcast sounds like stupid fun. For a title I’d go with something simple, like “Non-player Characters.” Something like that anyway. It could have a double entendre, because the people on the podcast are such characters. No? I’m going home, I’m drunk. (figuratively… maybe)

  2. There’s been a surge in endorsements all over Nexus, no doubt due to having a friendly reminder embedded in our download links. It’s a great idea and should make a lot of authors feel very happy, which in turn means more productivity > more mods, better mods, happy happy users :D

    Congratulations to all, especially those who were with INPC when it took its first baby steps.

  3. I’m very pleased to see that you have so many endorsements, and they are well deserved. INPC was one of the very first mods that I ever used and it’s been part of my Skyrim setup since shortly after I started playing the game on pc nearly a year and a half ago, and it’s just got better and better. Actually I would more than likely have stopped playing it nearly six months ago if not for INPC, and the bulk of my game time is spent either doing your quests or preparing for them, and investigating your characters and locations.

    So a big thank you from me for the many hours of extra enjoyment that you’ve provided me with for free, otherwise I would probably have been getting sloshed on gin while watching my husband play golf.

  4. Before orgasms commence, remember that total endorsements are going up on every mod, because Nexus made it much easier to remember to endorse mods with their new reminder.

  5. WHOOHOO!!!! *dances*
    Who cares if there’s a legitimate reason for the increase in endorsements/pageviews?

    Of course, most people are anonymous folks who come for the Wiki, which Sheryl and Inara continue to work on. It’s really the backbone of this site, and without everyone’s help we’d have a bad case of scoliosis, so thanks.

    Awww, thanks Kris! I really appreciate the mention! I’m sure Inara does too! ;)

  6. Count me as one of the late-comers. I can’t imagine Skyrim without this mod now, though. The writing and voice acting is superb; frequently better than vanilla. Congrats on all the well-earned endorsements! ^__^

  7. Congrats on the endorsements. Don’t care if there’s some other reason for the boost, any and all are well deserved.

    I believe the reason it took me so long to add this mod to my load order wasn’t because of the size of the file, but because I was genuinely worried the extra NPCs would drop performance; mostly in the frame rate and general city loading areas of the game. I’ve played with mods that added extra NPCs, and they always start out working just fine, but the longer I play the more things slow down until I’d have to finally uninstall the mod. It took a friend of mine to convince me that iNPCs wouldn’t do the same. And I’m glad I listened to him. Thank you all so much for all the hard work~ <3

  8. Only 16K endorsements? So unfair…

    Also, RSS feeds work just fine. In fact, I just clicked one and came here =)

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