Fan Art – Rumarin by Wintermass


It was a terrible day, at the start I broke my new notebook cooler, what I really need for gaming :( 
To pass the time I overcame by myself, and decided to draw something.

So, meet my current Dragonborn with her favourite follower Rumarin, the always-joking High Elf bladebinder from Interesting NPCS mod.
She is half Bosmer and half Nord. And a big coward, that’s why she prefers the bow, or stabbing people on the back. She never asked to be a hero, she could spend her entire life uneventful in the Thieves Guild :D 
But there’s one thing what she is really good at: running and screaming from dragons and draugr deathlords.

Man, every day is like Christmas here at the 3DNPC household. I just go to PIXIV, DeviantArt, or Tumblr, and find presents galore. Here is some fan art of Rumarin by the talented wintermass. I like to think the amount of terror shown on our bladebinder’s face could mean a horde of angry Draugr or an empty treasure chest.

3 thoughts on “Fan Art – Rumarin by Wintermass”

  1. Rumarin says in-game something along the lines of “People don’t like having me around because they think I’m annoying”, but if only he saw the amount of fanart he gets for just being the opposite of a stuffy, tight-lipped Nord.

  2. Wow, I just came for checking if there are some new uprgades/patches, then found my own sketch here! Thank you a lot :) I really love your mod, it gave me a lot of funny moments, and entertaining new adventures. And yes, my favourite is Rumarin, because I’m a girl, not just fight like one :)

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