3DNPC v3.06.4

This is the fourth of ten updates until the release of version 3.07. I decided to finally recast Gromash due to audio/clipping issues. Patrick Mahoney has graciously stepped in to record the bombastic Orc and can be found in Narzulbur.

There was also a vanilla necromancer that was given one of Gancielo’s AI packages by accident. I kept telling people I didn’t add a freaking necromancer to the inn, but as it turns out, I did make one walk all the way over there from lands beyond. So spoiler alert, I am the dumbass.

Lastly, here is a short little TES version of Scarborough Fair by Ronja Monto. You might recall it’s her go-to karaoke song so it makes sense she’d elder scroll it up for Alassea to sing.

3DNPC v3.06.4 (96 MB)

New Quests
• A Thousand Words

New NPCs
• Amras (Patric M. Whitstone)
• Halcar (Matthew Dixon)
• Ester (Alice Bell)
• Primei (Jessica Osborne)
• Feldi (Ronja Monto)

Re-Recorded NPCs
• Callen (Viridiane) – Remaining 20%
• Gromash (Patrick Mahoney)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.06
• Removed erroneous AI package that caused vanilla necromancer to walk to the Winking Skeever from Falkreath
• Fixed instance where Marla was disabled if player returned to Jilkmar first
• Fixed instance where arriving on a day other than Morndas started Fenced In but left Swims-In-Wind disabled
• Altered prerequisites so Rose Without Thorns can be started without progressing in the main quest
• Minor typo and sound file fixes

2 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.06.4”

  1. As with every new song Merrigan lets me struggle for words fitting the emotions she awakens. I am really sad that my current Dragonborn will have to wait at least till next week to meet Alassea for the first time. :(

    Cheers for the necromancer in the inn, those places are terribly boring, except for Old Hroldran (sadly only for the first time visiting)…

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