News, Notes, and Podcasts


Happy weekend! Last one of June. It’s only going to get hotter from here but it’s still winter where your PC lives. So huddle by the fire, chew on your mutton and read the news:

  • I’ve been lagging on listening to auditions lately, I’ll try and get to them this weekend. I haven’t forgotten about the poetry submissions, either, but it’ll be up to David which ones he does.
  • Next quest should be ready in a couple weeks or so. Full quest this time.
  • I chewed on a cup of ice cubes from a burger joint again, it made my body hurt, I don’t know why I keep eating them after the soda is gone.
  • Numeriku provided an awesome picture of some of the mod’s followers, it’s going to be my wallpaper for the foreseeable future. Sorry, picture of Batman fighting a shark with a light saber, you had a good run.

Lastly I’ve set up a new youtube channel for the podcast. While this is basically a trial run for all involved, as of now there will be three of them run by three separate pairings. Hopefully there will be a new one each week, but it depends on everyone’s schedule.

One will be centered around voice acting (Untitled), the other on gaming (Non-Playable Characters), and the last one on mods (Modcast). Feel free to submit topic ideas and questions in the forums, like which mod authors you want interviewed, questions on voice work, or games/news items you think should be discussed.



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