Trailers and Teasers – Jade

Here is Jade Redux, which is a French word for awesome sauce. The original script was a little too flowery with the language, which fit the character’s background but not the voice.

Lindsey Lorraine gives her voice more texture and gravity, and you really get a better feel for the pain and remorse that drives her story.


8 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Jade”

    1. D’aw, thank you! I hope to do more work for Kris here, but Arilwaen, Utei, and Carah Swift-Wind are the others I’ve done so far. :) Otherwise, I have a few non-3DNPC samples up at my website (linked wherever my name is typed).

      (Seriously though, your compliment and interest are so deeply appreciated.)

  1. Kris, while new NPCs are great, their looks become too similar hence boring. Your mod has other females that look almost exactly like Jade – wearing same robes. Maybe you ask permission from authors of different armor mods and spread them across iNPCs? Same goes for hairstyle mods. Id like to see characters not only unique in dialogues, but also in looks.

    1. Which one looks like Jade?

      I mean, there’s a similarity based on the fact that all faces use the same slider system, but I think this mod is one of the more diverse ones in terms of faces out there. I try really hard not to make them all like supermodels and give them all a unique look.

      So if you can be specific, we can put up their faces side by side, slider by slider, and make changes if need be. But saying “Your mod has other females that look almost exactly like Jade” is hard to believe seeing as she is one of the few characters I made good-looking.

  2. To be fair, that robe covers up a LOT of the character, so anyone wearing it is going to look a bit ‘the same’ unless you look very close or use armor mods. (I use robes on my Dovakiin, so yeah. Used to the hooded look and how covering it is; you can barely see what she looks like under there.)

    Also, lovely as ever, Lindsey. :) Jade sounds so down on herself, poor thing. :<

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