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Ahoy mateys and matettes, just want to make a note regarding the new Follower Rankings in the sidebar. First thing I want to clear up – this isn’t a list I made. I would rather pull out my own eyes with a pair of rusty tongs before choosing between the little buggers. Nope, not gonna do it.

The list is actually a composite of all the user rankings submitted by people on this site. Now you may be wondering, I am a person on this site. How do I whittle these characters down to a blatantly reductive numeral? How do I participate in the democratic process?

Well, it’s easy. To submit your rankings, login to your dashboard from the top left corner of the site (Interesting NPCs, Dashboard) and click on the Rankings section:


You’ll notice there are multiple rankings set up, and more to come. We can rank bard songs, villains, children – putting anything and everything in a digestible list form.

But for now, let’s click on Follower Rankings.


What we get is a list of all the followers in the mod. You simply drag and drop to reorder the list. If you haven’t met one or would like to abstain from voting for an NPC, click delete.


When you’re done, scroll down to the bottom and click SAVE CHANGES. 


Right now, the results are posted here, but this page is obviously in construction while I figure out how much further the chart stretches. What happens when it gets to the edge? Will the site collapse under the weight of its own gravity? There’s really only one way to find out.

Rank ’em.

13 thoughts on “Follower Rankings”

  1. “I would rather pull out my own eyes with a pair of rusty tongs before choosing between the little buggers. Nope, not gonna do it.”

    Same here!

  2. I find it rather difficult to choose between them myself, so it is rather a picture of my mood than an actual ranking. So be it…

  3. Gah! I dun think I could do this. I tackle the game from a role play perspective, and as such different characters have different favorites. Don’t make me pick just one set~ ;~;

    1. My bad, I try to give everyone with an avatar “Author” powers (Avatar lets me know you’re not a bot) but I must have missed yours the last go around.

      Should be fine now, and you should also be able to edit the wiki.

  4. And I was messing around with the rankings, trying to figure it out. Also, I didn’t know Eldawyn is a follower now. Maaaaaaan, nobody tells me anything ._______.


  5. Alas, definitely not stretching. I’ve pushed some poor soul underneath the Youtube widget column on 1920×1080.

    P.S. Rumarin roolz dagrilon droolz

    1. I changed the page to “full width” that should eliminate the sidebar. So we still have a couple more to wait and see what happens.

      My hope is that the plugin has accounted for this doomsday scenario.

  6. Hmm, it seems you are missing a follower on the rankings list, Kris. Ylgyne isn’t listed. So far he’s the only one I’ve managed to notice absent. I hope others with better eyes will catch if someone is missing.

    1. Good catch, he isn’t on any of the appropriate sections it seems. Should be on the follower and marriage wiki. Thanks for that.

  7. Zora is my personal favourite. I remember when she died during my biggest Dead is Dead run, something died in me too

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