Song Profile – Mogo's Mead

These days, saying you like one type of music is like saying you like one type of video game. It’s just not possible. And as time goes by, the choices are only getting more diverse. It seems like every day the industry invents a new genre or I am discovering an old one. Every day is a buffet.

New Wave? Why not, I like the 80s. Math rock? Sure, I can add and substract.  EDM? Sounds future, gimme. Chiptune? It’s on like Kong, Donkey. Bach’s Cello Suite No.1 in G? Hell yeah, that’s my jam. Gimme gimme gimme.

The same isn’t true for karaoke. For me, karaoke songs have to fit a strict, authoritarian guideline. It has to be dorky, fun, and so pop the speakers are fizzing . Karaoke is not the time to be singing Stairway to Heaven or some depressing song about drug addiction or showing off your inner hipster. You sing songs you wouldn’t be caught dead listening to on the street, because all the good songs make for poor karaoke music.

Karaoke is the bizarre anti-verse where every day is backwards day.  It’s a place where Backstreet Boys >>>>> The Smiths, where Vanilla Ice >>>>> Wu Tang Clan. The closest you can come to merging good and good karaoke is Joseph Gordon Levitt singing the Pixies’ Here Comes Your Man, and even then that movie is kind of depressing (there’s also this, but this song is so old it’s automatically cheesy). If I had to take a guess, I’m not sure if there isn’t a more perfect karaoke song than this one, because it has just the right amount of dorkiness, energy, good vibrations, and as a Japanese song it manages to do so without a whole lot of irony. It’s a song I would never listen to willingly but I would dial up every time I stepped into that box.

That’s how I feel about Mogo’s Mead. A lot of the songs on the 3DNPC soundtrack fill me with feelings, especially with regard to certain quests and the like. But if I were a resident of Tamriel, I wouldn’t dare karaoke anything save Mogo’s Mead. Even A Warrior’s Life, a song that is tailor made for a drunken male chorus, is a song about the dead and loved ones lost. It’s got an element of buzzkill.

Mogo’s Mead, on the other hand, is guaranteed happiness. It’s written and composed by Arisen1, and it’s her writing that keeps it free of all the cumbersome, dour tripe that are a staple of my song lyrics. It’s light, feathery, and pure pop.

It’s a good time, and when I listen to it, I can’t help but have one.


One thought on “Song Profile – Mogo's Mead”

  1. Although now that I think about it, I suppose this song would meet the criteria of being karaoke worthy and something I’d listen to outside of acting the fool.

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