Fan Art – Sleeping Super Mutant by 324b21



More New Vegas/ Skyrim crossover feat. Jinks the hipster courier with the gang. this is taken from the sleeping giant quest or in this case, i think it would best be called the sleeping mutant/giant mutant/behemoth.

Here is some art from 324b21 that may even be a teaser for a future comic. Things of this ilk are good since I’m eventually going to be working on Fallout NPCs, quests, and wikis in the coming months and years.

This is also why the podcast will have an old timey radio theme, complete with pictures of goofy white folks hanging out and acting suburban. After all, there are no radios in Tamriel, Two-Tails deactivated them all with his machine hand. In post-apocalyptic America, however, there are radios, radio shows, and hickory.

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