3DNPC Podcast

The podcast is finally here! I really enjoyed the glory of it and I am eager for more. Keep it up! Please?

EDIT: Here’s a downloadable version for those who prefer it. Thanks to Pelzknaeul for the blog post alerting everyone! Just right click on the text or image below and Save Link As.


7 thoughts on “3DNPC Podcast”

  1. Will be possible to download just the sound? Also it would be, at least for me, probably better if the background game was a little quieter. Very good first episode, hope that other come soon.

    1. Hi, use a program like DvD video soft to download just the audio of the podcast, or just listen to the podcast. You don’t have to watch the video, it’s just for those folks that do.

      Why, specifically, for you would it be better if it was quieter? It’s already pretty quiet.

  2. lol this is news to me. Maybe someone accidentally hit publish instead of private or unlisted. fat fingers, i guess.

    anyways, to answer your question Starfis, there will definitely be a downloadable version when the network actually goes live, which I planned to do sometime in late July or early August.

    I had all these promotional bits that I was going to release leading up to that day as well. I may have to make an emergency post so they don’t go to waste.

  3. I really enjoyed listening to that! You two work together well. I dunno how much I should say here, as I’d like to save something for the comments on youtube, but if there was anything I could suggest it would be for J.T. to be a little louder.

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